Sunday, July 10, 2005
markers, and crayons, and white out oh my!

I love school supplies. I HATED school, but love the supplies for it. I’m also in deep love with office supplies, and office supply stores … but smell that? It’s the smell of the back to school season here in metro Atlanta….. Christine called this afternoon and asked if I wanted to hit the new super Wal-Mart with her and see what we couldn’t live without.

First, I can say with reasonable certianity that C and I were the only people at wally world who had actually showered ( and used soap ) that very same day. I am AMAZED at the world of wally and what it brings out of the woodwork. I knew we were in trouble when before we even parked the car we saw our first barefoot child. ( note I said FIRST, cause there were more )

Anyhow, back to school supplies… Christine has 2 girls, one going into kindergarten and one going into the 4th grade. These girls had school supplied LISTS of what they needed. HUGE big lists. This blows me away every year. I just don’t remember that being the case when I was in school. I can remember specific teachers saying something like “you’ll need a red report cover for this … or you’ll need X kinda pens for this project” but jesus jumped up Christ – this list is INSANE – and as a non breeding tax paying citizen – where they raise the taxed for school almost as often as they raise the flag… I gotta ask – where’s it goin?! I’m sure this comes off as cold and bitchy –and I’m ok with that – cause I can be cold and bitchy … but still – she spent about 40 bucks on basic – and I mean BASIC school supplies ( pencils, glue sticks, loose leaf paper ) good DOG!

Oh…back to me.

I myownself bought school supplies, well, office supplies I guess, but they were shiny, and glittery, and feathery, and crown, heart, and lips shaped. I am SO a 12 year old girl. And it’s so damn cool. I am now FULLY equipped with all the Spongebob Squarepants silliness any 35 year old girl could want. ( and those of you who know me, know I want a LOT )…

I also was feeling sorry for myself … ( and we know where this is heading …. To the makeup counter….) and I got some of that BareEssentuals stuff – let’s see what I think about it …. Finally – the infomercial SUCKED ME IN. I just got a couple pieces of it at the Ulta store … talk of my beauty should spread though out the land too – although the size of my ass should be spreading through out the land too – as the local Publix had Ben and Jerry’s on sale.

What else was on sale? The pink on pink Issac Mizrahi pink on pink signature tote … sure is sitting on my kitchen table right NOW. And some big sparkly dangle ear bobs ( that’s earrings for my non southern friends ) and they’re hot – and look hot on my now short-er…well, short hair…and it rocks…and and and – lemme think what else – I bought lots of purple and pink stuff for the office… and new purple toenail polish – cause yeah, I didn’t have enough ( whatever )… so I think we can tell allie is sublimating thru shopping – and I’m real ok with that too.

What else, have I mentioned that I love my job? Cause I do. I think I’m gonna be with a really good team … and hell, at this point at the very very very least - by tomorrow morning – I’ll have it decorated rock star style …. So I gotta love that.


What was sitting on my desk when I walked in on Friday morning? A ho-made strawberry cake – that’s what.
All for me. And I actually shared with some co-workers. Tell me that’s not love.

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