Thursday, July 21, 2005
Tammy Faye's Cancer came back.

this really bums me out.

i know if anyone can get past it - it's prolly her.

i don't know if it's a being from Charlotte, NC thing - or the fact that watching her is kinda like watching a train wreck, or that i made the boys take me to her house last time i was in charlotte, or that i found out some life changing news while watching re-runs of the Surreal Life when she was listening to Ron Jeremy and Trishelle talk about sex. ... i do still regret that i didn't go knock on her front door during "tammy stalk 2005" to ask about mascara and Jesus Christ. .... i hope there's still time to do chaz and greg - get the directions back out .... and i think i'm gonna ask ricky to go with us - you know he and i together could charm the diet coke right on out of tammy's hand.

what else. oh, i know i dont' talk about work - for lot's of reasons - one of the main one's being i don't have anything to complain or rant about .... so what's the fun in writing about people if i'm not ranting.....BUT i once again have the most sparkle, feathers, queen related, spongebob, dorm room looking cuticle in the whole building. i swear i still have the locker decorating skills of the best 17 year old 'heather' out there - and it rocks might i add.

oh oh oh - and i now have the cutest hair on the planet. i actually have what i would define as short hair - and i DIG IT! i got carded the other night with the short hair - so smart money is on keeping it thata way .... now to just throw some rock star colors in there ... which i'ma thinking will happen this weekend.

be afraid.

sidebar - i just read the funniest thing i've ever seen in my ENITRE life in a blog. one of those funny to me - and the rest of the numbers i'm sure - and prolly not to anyone else. but oh my good god damn that made me laugh.

ces Français sont soulevés avec un mot différent pour tout... essai et conjecture quel mot je pense à en ce moment ? C'est exact - c'est chatte.

posted by Allie @ 7/21/2005 08:13:00 AM


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