Wednesday, July 27, 2005
what huh?


granted it's a. early b. i've had no caffeine yet and c. i'm still a quasi stress monkey.

but check this out

ok - so the city is getting an new aquarium. cool. as much as i think most fish are slimy for a reason and are not to be trusted, i dig aquariums.

what i don't get is why they insist on having SEAFOOD restaurants at said aquariums.

here's my favorite quote from the article.

So, will fish be on the menu? Certainly, said the creator of Spago Hollywood. But the catering staff will participate in the Seafood Watch program pioneered by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The program encourages consuming only seafood from sustainable sources.
"We will try to educate people [about] what to buy and what to eat," Puck said

isn't that kinda like have a slaughter house next to the petting zoo? just askin.

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