Tuesday, August 02, 2005
i'ma need a male opinion on this

so remember the guy that i really thought was "the" guy?

well he played that great disappearing game. and it hurt my feelings more than i really wanna admit - BUT....

last night i broke down and called him. i knew his birthday was last week and i called to say happy belated birthday....so here's how it went down.

i called and left a message on his cell phone - about 10 minutes later he calls me back ...

and the small talk begins...

how are you -blah blah blah

me - how was your birthday? what did you do?
him - it was ok - i didn't do too much?
me - why not
him - well, i was low on money and didn't have anyone to do anything with.


so we know where i gotta steer the bus with this one.

me - you know i'm gonna ask - so what happened to make you take off - was it something i did.
him - no no no it was nothing you did, you were perfect.
me - well, i was fine, i don't know about perfect
him - you were great - don't worry that it was something you did
me - well, worry is a strong word, i was just curious.

him - when things get too good, and i feel like i'm getting really close to someone, i take off -cause i don't want to be hurt again.
me - so let me make sure i'm getting this. you like me. a lot. you think this was going somewhere good. so to save possible hurt feelings, you take off and dump me so i won't dump you.
him - well, something like that.
me - is this something that happens everytime you really like a woman
him - yeah
me - well tell a girl that up front next time.


what the hell is that take off cause things are good thing? or the take off at all? i don't get it - i spoke to a male friend of mine last night ( who has done that SAME goddamn thing ) and he couldn't explain it to me.

so i'm opening up the floor for discussion.

posted by Allie @ 8/02/2005 08:19:00 AM


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