Sunday, August 07, 2005
i feel pretty and witty and THIS close to gay.

so my "main gays" were here this weekend....and the only way it could have been gayer is if i had actually slept with a woman this weekend. my inner gay man was FULLY released and he sashayed all over this city.

friday the boys got here and brought presents for both me and my dog. ok. let's start there - i LOVE that. so we yakked and laughed and chatted for a while - then to dinner ... one of those japanese steak house places .... and although i already mentioned it on the comments in the last post - greg referred to my asahi beer as my "Japanese Big Gulp".... damnit people, that's funny - i don't care who you are.

Saturday started with brunch at the Flying Biscuit - and eye candy for DAYS - although atlanta is a very gay friendly city - we were sorta i the heart of it ... while waiting for a table - we wandered to Outwrite ... a ( can you guess ) gay bookstore and coffeehouse .... where greg got season 3 of wonder woman on dvd ( and yes, he TOTALLY did the spin back at home for me), and a re-mix cd ( that i managed to get to stay here)...and i found the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack - YAY ME....

Then off to Lenox ( of course ) and the pilgramage to the holy land .... otherwise known as Crate and Barrel, time was well spend at Illuminations, William Sonoma, White Barn Candle store, Sephora ( where i am now wait listed for Jonathan Product - shampoo, conditioner, and dirt .... ( again with the yay me ) more shopping ... then to lunch/lupper at Roaster's for some bear watching ... i myself am about the pretty boys - but when in rome and all...

then nappage for them - pedicure for me .... and out to the eagle for the boys ....( if you lived here - you could be at the eagle RIGHT NOW)

anyhow - it was a great weekend - i have some great friends - and i'm so very very thankful for them..and greg is still funnier than me and that kinda pisses me off - and chaz is sweeter than i could ever ever be .. his momma did a real good job with him.

now y'all come see me.

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