Friday, September 16, 2005


Rhymes with loony … and probably for good reason.

But that’s ok – it’s good to remember that I can feel this way. So, when last we talked “the boy” was coming over to cook me dinner.

And he did.

Like real, grown up food, he made Chicken Parmesan, and a fancee pasta thingy … was SUPER GOOD … and did I mention he was in MY kitchen cooking, while I sat across the bar, watched him and drank a beer.

Momma LIKE!

We ate, and watched movies, and snuggled – and had a really good time. We’re supposed to go out tonight – I hope we do, cause as sick as this is to say – I miss him.

UGH. What’s happened to me??!?!

But other than that – things are good – Christel called and had me laughing my ample ass off while she was talking about what she had in the grocery cart…which got us on the subject of … hell pretty much everything – but she was referring to what the “good” store has vs. the store she was in….which made me bring up the super wal mart.

Now, I’m a Target girl, but have spent much coin at ye old wal-mart …but to be honest – the super wally world kinda freaks me out.


Cause I don’t think you should be able to buy the following things at the same store.

Group 1.
Side of beef
Snow Tires

Group 2
Fresh baked bread
Windshield Wiper Fluid
Ceiling Fan

Group 3
New Bedroom Suite
Fried Chicken

Now I realize this is odd, cause I realize I’m southern – and seeing a road side mom and pop store that sells – say, Bait and Frozen Yogurt or Deer Hunting Licenses and Fancee Writing pens …. Phases me not.

But then if I saw a country store somewhere that had Feminine Hygiene Products and bait – I’d prolly keep on driving.

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