Tuesday, October 04, 2005
List o' loves

In no particiular order.

1. how quickly the numbers will get together to whup up on a stupid whore's ass.
2. the Starbuck's pumpkin latte ( sorry christel)
3. lipgloss
4. that new penis smell
5. the cool mornings of fall
6. when you call an old friend and he sees the caller ID and answers "WHAT?" then starts crackin up
7. giggling like a schoolgirl on the phone with my friends
9. presents in the mail related to shiners
10. finding lotion on sale
11. sleeping in
12. that "thwack" sound mike's tail makes when he's wagging it on the carpet
13. when you recognize your favorite song after the first one or two notes and crank it loud and sing along
14. Purell hand sanitizer
15. people who hate "creed"
16. purple
17. star shaped stuff
18. my tattoo and what it means.....and the design i found for my next one
19. spongebob
20. inside jokes
21. rescue dogs
22. manicures
23. cute feet
24. 3 words - you've got mail
25. my girls and my texan.

posted by Allie @ 10/04/2005 09:51:00 AM


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