Sunday, October 09, 2005
Oh, i know this one

....that has become what i say whenever i turn on any version of law & order anymore.

wow, i think it's time i admit that i have a problem.

hi, my name is allie, and i'm a law & order addict.
i've seen them all - can tell which one it is before the opening credits run.
and i still watch it.

but, programs are for quitters.

and i'm no quitter.

ah, so i had a really good weekend - i had a sweet date friday night - lots of laughing and cute flirty glances, i love that. i think we may have finally developed a rhythm - a really good comfort level - and that's cool. i had to calm down some - and he had to let the wall down, in the immortal words of elvis presley - "slowly but surely - i'm gonna bring ya round"

i had mike's brother this weekend too- and that's always fun. but DAMN 2 ginormous black labs are a LOT - i'm saying that's a lot of frekin fur to keep up with.

posted by Allie @ 10/09/2005 07:09:00 PM


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