Sunday, October 16, 2005
i got nothin

Wow, I used to be such a good little blogger…daily updates, sometimes twice…..and lately ..not so much.

Dunno what all that’s about – it’s not like I have nothing going on – I have P-lenty. More than I’d like actually – but I digress….

So one of my favorite Texans had a birthday today – I was supposed to fly him out here and find either a hooker for him or his one true love … but budgets and schedules kept that from happening – so he had to settle for a pre-birthday phone call …. Which was damn fun I must say – but when hookers are an option – a phone call can pale.

Anyway, happy birthday dear friend, know that I love you.

Ok….now I have to talk about what’s on my tv right now – it’s actually NOT law and order…..

I’m watching ( and by watching I mean flipping thru while waiting for the commercials to be done on will and grace) and Nip/Tuck is on.

Lemme go on record by saying that is one FUCKED UP show. For those of you who like it….you’re a little fucked too.,

Which brings me back to hookers. ( notice the circular logic here ) which in print looks like Hooters.

Christine and I were out and about this weekend and drove past a Hooters where they were evidently having some kinda car show – Christine wondered aloud …. What is all of that about …. I said I think it’s about boobs – but hell I have boobs …. And proceeded to flash all of old highway 41 ( insert allman brothers song lyrics here ) so that was fun.
I love a good flash.

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