Friday, October 21, 2005
praise jesus for jason mraz

i should be in a better mood - but i'm THIS close to either
A. Crying
B. Screaming
D. Giving up

I went to target at lunch for some halloween stuff for work...and to pick up the new melissa etheridge cd... and of course they didn't have the cd ... it was released on Oct 4...and the 'ron tried to tell me it wasn't....whatever.

and i'm really starting to think boys aren't worth it, and really there are 3 that i can count on
1. dad
2. tex
3. my dog
why did i have to pick the MOODIEST man to be interested in. and how can i learn not to take the mood personally....and why can't i be ok with really casual sex and just find someone's son to crawl on top of this weekend for some personal contact.


.....but i'm going to get the hairs cut this afternoon .... and to go get some orange nail polish ( yes, with glitter ) and try to bolster my mood with some holiday pedicure action ( and yes, in my house Halloween is an actual real holiday )...and i think the chinese people are going to have to make me food of their native land .... cause damnit, i have PMS, have cut back on the 'zac, i'm lonely, and working on a major mood swing.

and my only plans for the weekend include cleaning toilets and visiting my parents for lunch on sunday.


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