Wednesday, September 27, 2006
stolded it from .....


1. WHAT DOES YOUR CELL PHONE LOOK LIKE? pretty much like everyone else's that was the 20 smacker upgrade...little flippy LG

2. DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME YOU WERE BORN? In the 7am hour on a tuesday, i could pull out my astrology chart and see fo' sho' ...but i think 7ish is close enough


4. WHAT DO YOU MISS? Shopping.

5.DO YOU PREFER HOT DOGS OR HAMBURGERS? Burgers, with beer, at the vortex

6. DO YOU GET SCARED IN THE DARK? Not usually. I like to look at what i'm scared of dead in the eye!


8. WHAT KIND OF HAIR/EYE COLOR DO YOU LIKE ON THE OPPOSITE SEX? Dark Hair, Dark Eyes usually -but sting is a we know i like the blonds too.


10. WHO IS THE LAST PERSON WHO WAS MAD AT YOU? I know several have been disappointed by me, but don't think i've made anyone 'mad' in a long time


12. WHAT WAS THE FIRST GIFT SOMEONE EVER GAVE YOU: My parents, with the bringing into the world and whatnot.

13. WOULD YOU FALL IN LOVE KNOWING THAT THE PERSON IS TAKEN? I think history has proven that this is something i can do. it's the acting on it i don't do. but the falling, yeah. i seem to have an advanced degree in the unavailable man. speak to me, i'm available for immediate bookings.

14. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO TELL SOMEONE HOW MUCH THEY MEAN TO YOU?I'd make the words tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em right now.

15. YOUR WEAKNESSES? i could tell you, then you'd have the power, and who wants that?

16. EVER DONE A PRANK CALL? Let's remember, i'm old. I was around LONG before caller id was.


18. WHAT DO YOU GET COMPLIMENTED ABOUT MOST?a three way ( how odd ) tie between my eyes, my hair, and my rack

19. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY? To be thankful for another year.

20. HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU WANT? Dunno. I've convinced myself none. so we'll go with none ( but 1 would be great) .

21. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? I've prayed to the hair altar of Reese Whitherspoon more than once. (and i wish for sting on top of me, does that count? )

22. WHICH FINGER[S] IS/ARE YOUR FAVORITE? The middle one ( ditto beth)

.23. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? I'm happy to report it's been a while

24. WHAT IS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING CD ON THE SHELF? Otown baby. O-T-O-W-N. suck it bitches

25. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOURSELF? I really think i would. which i guess is a good thing.


27. DO LOOKS MATTER? What else do we have to judge people on ( that's a joke for the ass goblins who think i'm serious) and yes, they matter. but i also think that beautful is in the eye of the beholder

28. HOW DO YOU RELEASE YOUR ANGER? I yell, and curse like a sailor.

29. DO YOU TRUST OTHERS EASILY? Not at all. it takes a LONG time to get my trust, and a moment to lose it..

30. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD? the Anti-Coloring book

31. WHERE WERE YOU 6 HOURS AGO? just getting home from a trip to see the main gays and the granny. .


33. IS THERE ANYTHING PINK WITHIN 10 FEET OF YOU? people seriously, this is allie. there is ALL fooking manner of pink around me. My pink wristlet ( that #3tx gave me for my birthday a few years ago) that holds the ipod, pink pins, a pink lemonade, and the pink polish at the end of my fingers .

34. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW? pink and white polka dotted pj bottoms, and a t-shirt that says "well behaved women rarely make history"

35. WHAT'S THE LAST SPORTING EVENT YOU WATCHED? Does watching the gays shop for halloween decorations count? wait, truth be told, i sat on my ass and watched them decorate the house after the shopping, so that's the last one.

36. WHAT IS/WAS YOUR FAVORITE CLASS? Hair Bangin. i frekin love it, before that, any art class wins, probably pottery.

37. HOW OLD ARE YOUR PARENTS? My mom just turned 60, and dad will be 60 later this year.

38. DO YOU MISS ANYONE?too many to list here!

39. WERE YOU AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT IN SCHOOL? not until the end of my college career, and now again in cosmetology school.

40. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE FUTURE? That it's not a guarentee so love thost you love HARD!! and as the barenaked ladies say, "if there's someone you can live without, then do so"

41. DO YOU HAVE A TAN? You're cute. i make rose mcgowan look ethnic.

42. HOW OLD DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS? whenever, until about 40. then i'm out.

43. LAST TIME YOU GOT STOPED BY A COP OR PULLED OVER? October/Novemeber 1988, cause of a NASTY accident. details at another time.


45. ARE YOU SOMEOEN'S BEST FRIEND? I sure am, and damn happy about it.

so maybe next week i'll have a "real" blog entry - hell, maybe tomorrow, who knows.

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Friday, September 22, 2006
blah blah blah

it has come to my attention that i have been sucking in the blogging department latetly. I'd like to say that it's cause i won a ton of money and am unable to write because i'm currently having wild tantric monkey sex with sting.

but i'm not.

i've just been a combo of busy, and not in the mood to blog. but there is good stuff around, i finished my first quarter of cosmetology school and i'm on a little break between quarters now. on monday i leave to go see my granny and my gays for a few days, so that's always good.

actually now i'm writing cause 1. i have some things/disappointments in people going on in my melon that i don't wanna think about and 2. i'm stalling on cleaning the house for one of those "hen party" shows i'm having for a friend at my house tomorrow.


ok, i started that a few hours, it's a few hours later. Not that any of that matters, with the noted exeption that the frekin cleaning is now done. praise god, or me, since i'm the one thata did it.

also, since the beginning of this entry, i called the 'lo cause i needed to make words. i love that i have people to do that with.....anyhow back to my not having sex with sting. other than that, there are really good things going on, still in love with school and SO glad i'm doing this. i feel more alive than i have in ages. it's starting to feel like fall here in the south, and it's wonderful. the other day i had my favorite day of the year, the day when the sugar maple leaves start to turn...that day signals a need to drive up to the mountains and antiques, walk in the woods, and eat boiled peanuts ( not necessarily in that order ).

i have nothing to report on the lovelife front, and i'm sick to death of that. it's funny, i don't think i want to be married, i see no reason for it, and i only know of a few that have ever 'worked out" - however, i am ready for THAT MAN to make himself known. just sayin.

so really, as you can tell, while there are words on the screen, i've said nothing, save this.

my house is clean, it's fall, love school, need a man.

aren't you glad i posted ? yea, me too :)

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Friday, September 08, 2006
Song For A Friend

now just guess which friend....

Song For A Friend, Jason Mraz

Well you're magic he said
But don't let it all go to your head
Well I bet if you all had it all figured out
Then you'd never get out of bed
No doubt
All the thing's that I've read what he wrote me
Is now sounding like the man I was hoping
To be
Keep on keeping it real
Cause it keeps getting easier indeed
He's the reason that I'm laughing
Even if there's no one else
He said, you've got to love yourself
You say, you shouldn't mumble when you speak
But keep your tongue up in your cheek
And if you stumble on to
You better remember that it's humble that you seek
You got all the skill you need,Individuality
You got something
Call it gumption
Call it anything you want
Because when you play the fool now
You're only fooling everyone else
You're learning to love yourself
Yes you are
There's no price to pay
When you give and what you take,
That's why it's easy to thank you
Let's say take a break from the day
And get back to the old garage
Because life's too short anyway
But at least it's better then average
As long as you got me
And I got you
You know we'll got a lot to go around
I'll be your friend
Your other brother
Another love to come and comfort you
And I'll keep reminding
If it's the only thing I ever do
I will always love
I will always love you
Yes you
I will always, always, always, always love
I will always, always love
I will always, always love, love
Climb up over the top.
Survey the state of the soul.
You've got to find out for yourself whether or not you're truly trying.
Why not give it a shot?
Shake it. Take control and inevitably wind up
Find out for yourself all the strengths you have inside of you.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006
Weekend Update

It’s been quite the weekend. Not in a “I went to New York to do some shopping and catch a show” or “ We needed some fun, so we took off for Vegas” weekend. But a good one nonetheless. I went flying ( yes FLYING ) in a wee tiny ( 4 seater ) plane on Friday with a friend from school, it was amazing. I’d only been in large planes, and then only in those a few times. This was a totally different experience, and it was great. Atlanta really is a beautiful city, I’m so lucky to be in a place like this. I think it set the weekend off on a good note….it was interesting personality/company-wise, but great. My friend from school is a sweet girl, and hey, her friend was a pilot, so gotta love that.

I did lots and lots of introspection this weekend. Not the bad, “ugly cry” kind …although that usually turns out being wonderful – this was just the having the time and patience and concentration to think and write and process. And somewhere along the way, I realized that everything isn’t GONNA be just fine. It’s just fine now. There are things that with surface thought I would change, but then when I really think about it – obviously I wouldn’t change them, cause I haven’t. I’ve had the weekend of happy. I’ve spent time with friends, and family - laughed with and counseled friends on the phone, dog sat mike’s brother, ate meals with my best friend and her kids, listened to music, read books, did some journaling, read lots of blogs, found some blogs of friends, and it’s still all just fine.

If “he” makes himself known that’s great, if not, well – that’s ok too.
If I get more dogs, that’s great, if not – I ADORE the one I have.
I’m taking classes in a field I LOVE, and researching what I have to do to have my own company
I’m content in this house for now, and willing to release it for a different location.
I still think the “I’m so happy to see you” puppy dance is the best thing in the world, and I get that more than once a day.
As crazy as my family makes me, and I’m sure I make them crazy too, they love me, and like me too.
I’ve let go and forgiven people who have wronged me, ( whether they think they did or not ) and I can now say I honestly wish them well ( I still wish them away, but well)
I’ve almost forgiven ME for some gigantic mistakes.

In classes, we’re doing these “ethics” exercises, which while I think they’re juvenile and silly – and nothing like anything we’d have done on a daily basis in “real” college - they are kinda interesting. Many of these exercises really seem like giant “meme’s” to me and they ask personal information, that I’ll be the first one to say, I outright lie about. I took too many undergrad and post grad psych classes, and employment psych ( psych in the workplace ) questionnaires, wrote too many of them, and studied too many to not be able to tell what answers they’re looking for, and in most cases go ahead and give to them.

That being said, I have spent some time thinking about one we did a couple of weeks ago, which was basically a list of adjectives and we were to match them with how we see ourselves, then have others answer with how they viewed us, and to see if there was any correlation between the two. I’d admit, I wasn’t honest with my answers, I just looked for the most “ school appropriate” answers…but it made me think. How WOULD I describe myself, in my most honest raw and unfiltered ways. I think my natural tendency is to let my mood dictate the answers. I’m in feeling blue, or depressed the answers mirror that. If I’m feeling strong and fearless, the answers mirror that feeling too. I guess that’s normal and most people react that way also…..I guess I say all that to say I finally realize that things are just fine. The sad of life is normal, and the happy is too. And I think finally I have some balance in that.

The happy allie was gone for a very long time. I thought maybe she was gone forever. I know parts of her have been left along the wayside, and I can see exactly where and when she left. I can see where her heart was broken, and where scar tissue remains. I can remember where parts of her dream died. But recently the happy me starting coming back around. I’m ready to have her back. I haven’t forgotten the things I’ve seen and done that brought the depression bus around, and I understand why I got on it, strapped in and rode for a long time. But, the joy is overpowering the sorrow. The feelings that things are good, and more good times than I can count are on their way, and I’m open to them… a good feeling. I know that I, like most people, have deep scars and hurts, and broken dreams – but I’ve decided that I’m not letting those things rule me anymore, I’m not defining myself by those things, either consciously or subconsciously. I didn’t realize what a noose they were around my neck until I let myself think and feel and be in the space of the horrible…..then release it, and enjoy the good that’s coming into my life to fill up the ick.

Now if I could only get that “other” thing filled up ( ah, I slay me )

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