Thursday, September 23, 2004
09/21/04 - 09/23/04

Thursday, September 23, 2004

so last night was interesting. i celebrated wendy's birthday for her .... sheesh ... i'm too old for this stuff.. more on that later ...but all thanks to #3kentucky - i am now a lover of all things Jason Mraz. I can't get enough of this strange little man, and thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, he of course has a website and a journal .... this is what he said - i'm gonna steal this eventually and claim it as my own - just know that's what he saidLife continues to be gorgeous. And even though the sun is setting and my view of other skyscrapers and hotels is blocking that scene, I’m quite pleased with the still life of my imagination. Everything is always on schedule and the minutes never cease to blow my mind. The other day I had one of those, “I can’t believe it’s September” moments and looked blindly back across the months before this one. So much has happened. As much as not much has happened. You take what you want from it, whether you hurried to get here or not. We are where we are and it’s gorgeous no matter what. No matter the state of our nation. No matter the destruction caused by extreme weather conditions. No matter the smell of our laundry. You have to admit. Life is gorgeous. i love that. life IS gorgeous. yes, i had a moment of pain this week that i honestly didn't know that i would get past, but guess what, I did. I had girlfriends there to hold my hand and stroke my hair while i cried. and in the way it always does - the sun did come back out. it's like i had this great shift in thinking - and the process of it was awful ... but the result might be a lasting friendship...and if not - and damn good attempt at one.and i was once again amazing and bewildered and completly in love with my girlfriends. I have the best ones on the planet - and not only do i have one or two people that i could call in the middle of the night and say " you must come here, i need you" and they would be on the next plane or in their car or whatever ... i have like 6 friends on that level ... how could life NOT be gorgeous. i know things suck sometimes .. but like i've said before - i'm a happy girl. was in an unhappy situation...that still has pangs of pain and blahs .... but i'm happy. yay me.ok.... wendy's birthday.... last night's adventures weren't necessarily for her - but that was one excuse. .. yesterday was what we in social services like to call a long fuckin day ... wait, you have those too??!??! anyho, before i took mike out - i started on beer one. and you know it was so good, beer 2 had to follow .... then 3 ... then the phone calls started - then late(ish) i was taking mike out for the last time - like 11 or so ( after talking to johnny #5 on the phone for a while - he really is a good kid ... kid being the operative word - he's only 25 ) anyway - one of my neighbors was outside with his dog - and he had a cocktail too - so he and his wife and i decided to have a nightcap....or - i'm too old for this shit on a work night... but i made it here on time - my cube mate french braided my hair ... and i'm kick ass cute today! yay me.i've evidently not funny yet this morning - but let the tater tots and advil kick in .. .maybe the funny will show back up .....
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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Is that in American Dollars???
So al green is coming to town this weekend. None of my friends here are into the right reverend … but I was thinking, this has been a hard week for ol’ allie – I’m taking myown damn self to this concert ….. so I head on over to ticketmaster to look for tickets – they have orchestra tickets available – which suprized me until I saw the price … with service charges it’s gonna be over 70 bucks a ticket.Those are AMERICAN DOLLARS.Not pesos.Jumpin Jehosaphat!!I think I just remembered why I don’t go to as many concerts as I used to, even though they are one of my favorite things to do.I’ve see almost all the “biggies” …. With the noted exception of al. I’ve seen U2, Sting, David Bowie, Tina Turner, James Taylor, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, Barenaked Ladies, Hootie, Sheryl Crow…. And a gabillion others …. I’m sorta a concert junkie.I’m also a musical theater junkie – and it seems that is the “monkey” I’ve been feeding lately. I had season tickets to the “Broadway” series of shows here in Atlanta, and also I’ve had season tickets for years to “Theater of the Stars” I don’t think a major or hell even a minor show has come thru Atlanta that I’ve missed. And of course I’ve formed opinions on all of them….just ask me, I’ll tell you….even if you don’t ask me I’ll tell you.That goes for more than just theater. I have opinions about everything. And again, don’t really have to be asked about them to share them …. I’ll just share – I’m a giver. It’s what I do. I also give a wicked blow job – but that’s another story for another day….Maybe I’ve had too much caffeine already …. I’m not sure.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
so let's talk music for a moment
i'm allie and i endorse this blog.let's talk music for a moment. i'm a fan of the yahoo launch radio. a.) it's free and b.) you can sorta quasi kinda tell it what kind of music you like by setting up a station of your own. My station includes 1. Barenaked Ladies2. Hootie and the Blowfish3. Al Green4. Madonna5. James Taylor6. Salt n Pepa7. Marc Anthony8. Josh Groban9. Abbaand stuff along those lines .... but then they throw in whatever they wanna ... within a recent 15 minute block - i got Public Enemy, Bad Religion, and Creed.what? huh?none of that is what i said i liked .. but lately music has been a serious refuge for me ... it kinda always is ... but lately the weather has been beautiful, the skies have been clear - and i need to have the windows down and listen to SQUEEZE ... loud, and sing ( scream ) along.and and and it's time to buy post season braves tickets. my daddy and i go every year to the post season games - and everyone that we go to - the poor braves lose ... maybe i shouldn't go - but daddy and i have been going to these games as long as i can remember - i was there when the bleacher creature was there - i was there when "chief knock-a-homa" ( rasist anyone?) was hosting birthday parties and whooping it up for a home run. braves games with my dad are one of my favorite things ... and i have that to look forward to here's my look forward to .... 1. pumpkin carving with my goddaughters2. going to visit #3 kentucky3. sleeping with the windows open4. men wearing sweaters..and jeans (momma LOVES that look)5. post season braves games6. hot tub nights7. long days with mike at the dog park8. decorating for halloween ( sorta like #1 -but it's not )9. knowing that i have amazing friends who love me. period, end of discussion.10. getting better and happier and funnier and loving more and being loved back every day.
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damn. i have some of the best girlfriends on the planet. people that love you no matter what. they love you when you're crying, laughing, sneezing, dopy ( wait those are the dwarfs from snow white ... but you get my drift. )anyway, yesterday turned out to be a very very low day in the life of allie. i had to come to grips with something that i didn't wanna have to. i have to admit the reality of something that i had been living in fantasy land about. and i had to realize that what i hoped for NEVER would be. that's a whole damn lot to realize .... at the office no less where there is NO crying i had to just suck it up until i got home and the girls started their nightly calls .... stacey got a little bit of it, christel (poor sick girl, are you feeling any better?) got the full on weeping and wailing, snotty nosed that when lauren and BOTH mary's called ... i was sorta at the " i'm not ok with it, i'm still in pain about it, but it's what it is" place - and could resume my hysterical self.stacey and i have decided to start a web page about our recent adventures in dating .... this should be HYSTERICAL cause trust me, we're funny. so that's where i am today - i'm hoping to feel the funny come back and have something clever or smartassed or whatever to say later on this afternoon, so stay tuned...

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