Monday, September 13, 2004
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Wednesday's Child, Is full of ramblings....
Ok, so this is my morning…Wake up on time….yay me! Mike ( the dog) is all cuddled up next to me and could not BE any cuter … hop in the shower, and more of this blessed red/pink/burgundy hair color rinses out ( and as someone who has a red headed father, and lots and lots of red in her hair – and finds this to be a good thing …. You’d think she’d quit jacking with the color and leave it alone… but NO - not me, and this red …. It’s WOW, it’s red … but anyway …)So I’m getting ready … doing my morning thing…and the voice in my head says, Allison, remember you HAVE to put gas in the car if you’re going to even make it downtown this morning …… then the man on the radio says …icky wreck – take extra time to get downtown, cause you’re gonna need it THEN the same radio guy says oh yeah um allie – you know that road you work on? Well the sewer exploded on that road- and you’re gonna have to find another way to get to the office.But all that being said… I have fresh coffee…thought enough to bring cd’s into the office, I’m listening to the Violent Femmes….and they make me happy….i’m listening to another one of #3 kentuckys mix cds….that girl is REAL good with these…*****************But ok … here’s what I’m thinking about this morning. And not in a sad or melancholy way - but just thinking.What if there is only one PERFECT person for us, one that will call us on our bullshit, one that makes us feel like nothing bad can ever happen to us, one that can make us laugh at ourselves, one that can help you see your good when you think it’s gone forever …. And you never find that one person.Can we be happy anyway?I don’t mean happy like “ I found a ton of lip gloss on clearance” happy.I mean that content in your soul happy.I’m thinking lately the answer to that question has to be a yes.I’ve thought a LOT about that, with the things going on in my life and the people in it. And the person I’d like to share my life with. Cause I realized that if I’m not happy like that NOW, a person in it will not make any difference. I’m a happy girl. A calm in my soul happy. Peaceful and joyous.And I have NO man.But when I find him and he finds me, can you imagine how wonderful it will be … with me happy complete and content already.That’s gonna be one lucky motherfucker.And I can’t wait to start my life with him.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Wow.Ok so there I was.At home minding my own bidness. Iming with friends when it happens..Ok lemme give some background info. I love the whole IM thing. Yahoo is my friend. I have my “real” name to talk to my “real” friends… the sorta slutty name for when I’m bored and wanna play some man in the mid west like a cat toy ( swat swat swipe ) and I have my name when #3 kentucky and I wanna tag team play with boys in chat rooms. That being said, I have met lots of friends off the internet. Comminutate regularly with real live human friends on line … and yes, have met more than one boy off the internet. Some became long term boyfriends, some a date or two, and one…an unfortunate incident in a Houston’s parking lot …. ( but I was depressed and not on medication yet, can’t blame me for my vengeful slut period )Anyhow I met ( with my “real” screen name – which is my actual “real” name by the by) a boy online that seemed pretty cool. I’ll call him “Matt” cause that’s his name. We chatted on line a lot this spring. Talked on the phone a couple of times and decided that we’d meet. We decided to go for brunch. So he comes to pick me up ( rookie move #1 ) but ok. He’s ok…not Orlando Bloom …. But then really… who is?!? So he comes in, Mike ( the dog ) likes him … and this is a good sign…my dog does NOT like boys in my house. Ok… so he goes in for the kiss – fine. I’m all for a good kiss. ( we had talked some – wasn’t just like walk in …. To the sofa….) any how. He gets handsy. I say no. ok calm down. Gets handsy again. I say NO again He gets pissy and leaves. WHAT?! Then calls and writes me later that day about how sorry he is and how his “hormones” got the best of him yadda yadda yadda.I say, that’s fine. It happens. But we’re done. Hit the road jack ( matt ) and don’t ya come back no more no more. He gets pissy, cranky – whatever .. it takes a couple more conversations for him to see that I am TOO THRU with his white ass.So fast forward months…I get an offline message ( from a screen name I don’t know)… hey how are ya…Me – hey ….Next dayHim – I wish we had gotten off on a better foot, I really like you a lot, and miss talkingMe – What foot did we get off on?And me …. Since I didn’t recognize the screen name .. I looked up his profile ….. which had NOTHING on it except A LINK TO A SWINGERS SITE FOR PEOPLE IN ATLANTA WHAT??HUH ?????????No W-HAY! WAY!! NO W-HAY!! WAY!!So this morning – I’m checking the email…And the offline says:Him: we met at your house, started kissing and I got a little too friendlyMe: THIS IS MATT??Him: yep …So I talk to him for a minute and then ( you know I just had to ask) I said, I didn’t recognize your screen name so I looked at your profile. And you had that link on it. Is this something you’ve always been into – or is it a new thing ….And he says ( get this, in fact get a drink – and be ready to spew it on your monitor – cause it’s weak and sad and funny )“ a friend of mine sent me that link and in order to look at it I had to post it .. I’m not into that stuff at all, what do you think I am some sort of freak”Me: Yep.And after all of that, he asked me out again.Sheesh. I guess it’s flattering to be asked … for drinks.. maybe. For a swingers party. Yeah, not so much.
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Monday, September 13, 2004
two two two posts in one ( day )
ok so ever have that day where although work makes you crazy - there are a couple of people who make you laugh so hard that you pee just a little bit?I work with 2 of these women. One is like the black version of me. She's so cool...i'm almost intimidated. But now we realize how much like one another we are ... and we're our biggest fans. The other woman is Jamaican....and when she goes on a rant her accent is so strong ... you can smell the pot.We were talking today about men ( naturally ) and how the first one and I seem to be going for younger men lately. ( i'm 34, johnny #5 is 25 - was 24 when we started dating ) .. and we were discussing how this is biblically ordained."train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it"Proverbs 22:6we took this literally. and i took johnny #5. literally.anyway, i found this funny. and really it's all about there.

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