Thursday, August 26, 2004

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Cause I have nothing original to add today …
1. I am a natural-ish redhead
2. my favorite curse word is motherfucker - actually it might be my favorite word period.
3. my favorite perfume smell is the essential oil of Amber
4. My list of men I get a “pass” on includes ( but is not limited to )Darius RuckerKevin SpaceyHarrison FordRicky Martin ( yes I know shut up )Any man brave enough to be hot, bald, and wear a kilt.One of those Bollywood guys on on the asian channel on weekends ( can’t help it – I love the mocha)
5. I was and still am an Art Geek. Would rather bead or paint that just about anything.
6. I get up every Saturday in time to listen to Car Talk on NPR
.7. I have issues with Lollipops, this has earned me the title of “round the way girl” at the office
8. I have been labeled an honorary “sistah” at the office – yay me
9. I am a vegetarian, but not a vegan
10. Maker’s Mark is my drink of choice
11. I actually wrote a letter to the Miss America people to have the talent portion remain in the telecast …. Didn’t work. I also wrote the Miss Georgia people to have them televise the pageant …they still don’t.
12. At one time I had over 300 bottles of nail polish.
13. I totaled my car in college and am lucky to be alive today
14. I go to church most every Sunday
.15. Purple is my favorite color, and every bedroom I’ve ever had has been purple
16. I had a “blues clues” themed birthday party for my dog’s first birthday
17. I collect “lips” or “kisses” shaped things
.18. I named my dog after Detective Mike Logan on Law and Order
19. I have an unnatural love of the show Law and Order
20. I’m a musical theater nerd.
21. I believe that a warm bath or shower at the end of the day can fix almost anything
22. I can out cuss just about anyone
23. I can make a MEAN indian meal
24. I pledged a sorority and was little sister to a fraternity
25. I dress up in a FABU outfit every parade i get a chance to and wave to the masses
26. I was in the audience for an episode of the Sally Jesse Raphael show
27. I have front row tickets to see Three Mo' Tenors and went with my dad
28. I am a loyal braves fan .. winning or losing....and I still miss greg maddux
29. I have a sticker in my cubicle at work that says " fat people are harder to kipnap"
30. Even though i'm a vegetarian, I take my dog to Wendy's for burgers when i have the extra coin
31. I wear my hair longish cause men seem to like it longish - not cause i necessarily do ( how fucked up is that?!)
32. I have killed not one but 2 multi disc cd players in my car cause i change the disc too quickly
33. I once worked in a grocery store bakery and lost one of my fake nails in a pie
34. I met Delta Burke
.35. I've been to Graceland .... and once only did a drive by of it.
36. I've lost touch with my best friend from middle and high school, but it's ok.
37. I just started taking prozac ... it's a very new and i think good thing.
38. I have more bath and girly products than i will EVER be able to use.
39. I kissed a girl in the porn store ( i knew the girl, was a peck, and her husband and a very interested lesiban watched.)
40. I've considered a master's degree about a million times, but i can't decide what i wanna be the master of..
41. I believe that the right song at the right time can actually save someone's life.
42. Even though i seem like an extroverted open book, I'm actually a very private person that not many people know well.
43. I actually spent the weekend with a stranger and we've become great friends.
44. I have 2 goddaughters.
45. One is named after me.
46. I'm actually closer to the other one.
47. My best friend is a guy.
48. I admitted to him that i think i'm in love with him this week ( not in a a david cassidy way )49. I know all the words to baby got back and sang it once from the choir loft at church on a dare
.50. I usually issue the dare, not DO the dare.
51. I have been known to flash to break up a tense moment.
52. I have been known to flash cause it's fun.
53. I'm irritated that the re-runs of "Friends" isn't on because of the olympics
54. I have been in the Atlanta paper before in a full color pic on the cover above the fold.
55. I used to have my college degree hanging up in the bathroom
.56. I have actually made money selling my art before.
57. I secretly watch the end of a NASCAR race once in a while
58. I secretly think jeff gordon is hot ( sorry dande )
59. I've broken my right ankle 2x's and can tell you when it's going to rain.
60. I've been to a strip club before
.61. When i went i ran into one of my clients that was working there that night.
62. I couldn't transfer her to another caseload
63. I told her I had a twin.
64. I think she believed it.
65. I collect baseball caps.
66. I've been to a psychic who was able to call someone out by NAME that there's no way she could know.
67. It freaked me out, and I've never been back.
68. I know all the words to the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter"
69. I giggled like a 14 year old boy when i thought "what should i put for 69"?
70. I collect watermelons, but don't like things watermelon scented.
71. My first concert was Shawn Cassidy with my dad when i was 5 years old
.72. My first concert without parental escort was Duran Duran in the 9th grade.
73. My last concert was..marc anthony.
74. I love to sing along to Spanish language music
75. I don't speak spanish.
76. My first 5 boyfriends were all named Mike
77. I haven't had a job outside of my "field" since i before i graduated college.
78. I was recently out of work for a long ass time
79. It was awful
80. work is better
81. Only upside, i met my best friend while out of work
82. One day while out of work, my friends sent me a check for almost $400. and a spa gift certificate
83. I have the best friends on the planet
84. I really really like beer
85. I have no tattoos
86. I want a tattoo
87. I am chickenshit about the pain.
88. I seriously considered a piercing ... on one of the girls
89. Then i saw someone get one
90. I no longer want a piercing
91. My dream is to one day go to the countryside in Ireland and walk barefoot hand in hand with the man i love who loves me back.
92. It's hard as ass to think of a million things to tell people that i both DO and DON'T know about me
93. I flunked out of my first college
94. I had a GOOD fuckin time
95. I still don't regret that.
96. I had to sneak out of a party one time... cause they broke out some hard core drugs- and that's fine - but this homey don't play that.
97. One of my best friends and i didn't speak for 2 years. 98. We call it the 2 years of our discontent
.99. Ashville North Carolina is one of my favorite places in the world
100. If i had my way, i'd live there in a cabin on a lake
101. One day i will have my way
102. I read about one book a week
103. I am loyal to my friends always and forever.
104. I had to come up with 104 - cause HRT has 102 on his diary.cause i'm a smart ass like that.but a smart ass with a great rack and great hair.know sho.peace out.

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