Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Welcome to Krispy Kreme, may i fuck up your order please?

music: al greencoffee cup #: 1hair status: fabuloussite to make you laugh until you pee on yourself a little bit: most often heard at work this morning: "you nasty"... now this was not directed at me, nor do i know what it's totally about - although i did hear the phrase - "you have to relax your throat"...and it's been my experience that while this isn't necessarily nasty .... it is generally excellent advice. i know these things - feel free to ask if you have i pretty much never go on the " you're in america, learn the motherFUCKING language" rant. but today .. yea, i'ma have to go on it ... see last night i'm talking to #3 sc divison, discussing her trip here - and for no apparent reason i decided that mike and i NEEDED krispy kremes. so even though i was already in pj's makeup free and ponytailed up ... we loaded up in the car and headed past the big chicken and go on to the KK. ( note: hot sign WAS in fact on, so far so good) and i ordered 3 regluar glazed ( for the dog ) and 3 vanilla creme filled chocolate iced for ME .... the man ( from i have NO idea where ...) repeated the order ... wrong of course ... so i correct him and drive around....get the delicious hot yummy goodness...and head did mike get his correct order ... you bet. did the non english speaker fuck up my order.... you bet. fuck me. i got regular frekin KK's with chocolate frosting on them. now those are perfectly good, i realize this - but A. there's NO creme filling in them... and 4. they're NOT what i fucking ordered. ( although one was a tasty breakfast treat this morning )but the upside of all this is - #3 will be here tomorrow, we're gonna see the Village People ( or perhaps Village Person and 4 other guys ) tomorrow night, saturday we're heading to the vortex for pitchers of beer and laughing until we can't see anymore .... then i'm teaching her to knit { could i BE more eclectic ... well yea, but that's another story }, and sunday i'm going to see 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' ... and see that counts both as good theater and an afternoon watching men 1/2 dressed singing ... both of these are good things.yay me.

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