Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday, August 23, 2004
not enough has been said about
my love of 2 and music.and when the right combo of both can be found. good golly miss molly - it's a happy moment. so right now my current favorite man in all the world ( robert at work ) just handed me a cup of freshly made KONA coffee ... yes that's right people, a pure kona moment. It's like sex in a cup. In fact it's the closest i've gotten to sex in a long time - but that's another story for another day. as you know #3 kentucky sent me a million cd's and one of them is titled "songs that make me remember boys" when i listened to it in the car this morning and it had frekin Michael Penn on it - i knew more than ever how destined to be friends she and i were. Who the hell else knows who Michael Penn is?? I saw him open up for Tears for Fears at Six Flags when i was like 18 or 19 and totally fell in love with his smart music. and my friend likes him too ( and she's younger than me - which means she's been into cool music from even a younger age. we love that )so now i'm sitting here with my ginormous watermelon mug of coffee - slowing waking up ... and listening to Josh Groban. damn. good times.anyone wanna slow dance in the den with me? please?

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