Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sunday, August 22, 2004
easy like sunday morning.
Good Morning My People!I’m supposed to be all dressed and bejeweled and on my way to church this morning – but no, I’m sitting in front of the computer, drinking some most excellent coffee and snacking on ashlee’s pistachio bread…. Damn – it’s tasty! And I’m listening to Jamie something or other and it’s wonderful Sunday morning music. It was one of the inclusions in my box of love from #3 kentucky …. If she ever offers to send you something let her - I am the lone #3 slacker when it comes to sending gifties –the others are amazing.Anyway I think this Jamie person is like 12 – but the cd is really sweet, it makes me wanna picnic ( or eat al fresco if you will ) with someone who I’m smitten by – and who of course is even more smitten by me … but until then, I’ve got the music and an excellent cup of coffee.Pretty good weekend…yesterday I was still fighting off the cold so I had the lazy day. And I discovered that the movies on lifetime do actually suck … so spent the day reading and napping and walking the dog –then made home made soup and bread. Sexy life no?But I did go to an amazing cabaret on Friday night which confirmed the fact that a. damn I can’t sing and 6. I really never should stopped taking piano lessons but I guess there’s still time for all of that whatever…So, I know these are usually funny-ish ..but I’ve sorta decided to write these for me and not really for anyone else so some are funny and some not so much. I’m sorta serious-y today – I have a lot of things going on, some biggish decisions to make and I predict some major changes or shifts going on soon…and this could be a good thing for me I think.Having lunch with mom and dad this morning – hopefully all will go smoothly – then I think I’m taking mike to the park, if I can get this cough to go away – otherwise – I’m gonna get my butt back on the sofa and try to learn how to breathe again.Yay me.And take this ya bitches, #3 south cakalackie division will be here this weekend to play … YAY!

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