Sunday, August 01, 2004
08/07/04 - 08/01/04

Saturday, August 07, 2004
damn damn damn ( said with florida evans voice)
this has been a day of shit. so much so that i can't put it all here - cause people i know might read this and i can't even let them know what shit it's been. it'll be just me and my dog with this one. and to add insult to injury - i called no less than 4 of my girls to cry on their laps - both marys, lauren AND stacey. and no one was home. this sucks.
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Good God Almighty I Love Sleeping In...
There are few things that surpass the unmitigated joy of waking up when you are good and goddamn ready to. I mean not having the dog wake you up, not the phone, nor the alarm... just you going allie - it's time to get up. And when that happens, and there are good cartoons ( like the old ones i used to sneak and watch while growing up) well hell - that's a damn good morning.So -on a completly different topic, i was thinking about this whole blog thing today. All my life i've wanted to keep a journal ... and can't keep one for more than like 2 days but now i'm writing what will probably be quasi personal stuff and putting it "out there". I must really need a LOT more therapy. I was reading a blog of one of my favorite girls in the entire world and it's so smart and political and relevant to life and mine is more like rick james is dead, i want to color my hair, why aren't i married yet, and i wish someone else would wash my dog. So for my sanity i decided that i would assume that this friend has and equally silly blog somewhere out there and was just sharing her most wonderful and attractive leftist leaning with me and leaving the personal stuff, well personal.Today here's where we are, I need to clean my house - but decided to listen to Car Talk on NPR instead, I need to run a few errands - but i don't get paid until next week, and my car SO SO SO needs to be cleaned out - but i live in atlanta - and it's actually not "wish you were dead hot" or as i like to call it " hotter than the hammered down hinges of hell" hot - so i think the dog and i will go to the dogpark and look at cute boys.....that option beats the cleaning one every time.
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Friday, August 06, 2004
Rick James is dead
is it wrong that at first the only question was did he set himself on fire with his crack pipe? of course i ask this on the heels of one of those giganto Moe's burritos ( the Joey with tofu, thanks for asking ) so everything is getting a little bit slower of a reaction time than originally intened. I'm sure my compassion will work it's way around soon. But I gotta tell you my office is cracking me up ( now the office itself is an entirely different story ) but the reactions are interesting - every few moments someone breaks into "superfreak" or " mary jane" or " ebony eyes" and it's cracking me up ( no crack joke intended there )so i have to work - but needed to say that....and that i'm thinking about writing a book or short story or play with another person about a missed opportunity at love but a possible chance at a lasting friendship. could be cool - but i'm gonna need mas beers to think this one thru.
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first time
ok, so i have several dear friends that do this blog or diary thing where they post their innermost thoughts and then ask for comments on them. i'm not sure that i'm the girl for that - since i welcome criticism about as much as the RNC welcomes free thought.that being said i'm gonna just act like this is my own little pretty journal ( remember those that they used to have with the sorta "raised" cover that you could go over with a pencil and make a rubbing of?) anyway ... i'ma thinking up what i wanna say and how i wanna say it ... so i'll be back - after a trip to MOE'S!

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