Thursday, August 12, 2004
08/12/04 - 08/20/04

Friday, August 20, 2004
so again what to say
ok so this has been a weird week. and now i'm getting a cold and hopped on on cold meds - so it's a good time to talk about it right. so the week started off ok ... i was emailing with someone of the pork variety and we were going to meet up for a beer or two - we had like 3 or 4 pretty funny emails going on ... then in classic male form .... or like Kaiser Sose ... POOF he was gone. how strange huh? whatever.anyhow, so i have this fun project going on with a friend and when i accept my Emmy - i'll remember all my friends of course ( and wear the tiara ) so i'll give more details of that while it's happening ... and oh yeah, the peanut is back. I talked to him for a couple of hours last night. Damn, he's a cutie. and I had all but forgotten how to flirt. It's good to know i still know how ... might actually come in handy for real one day.The coffee isn't ready at work - but the internet radio just played al green. and life could be here's my link for the day - cause it makes me laugh. and will make todd insane check out .. on. prepare ye the corn.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
so again, no idea what to say
but i have noticed that i've been on the phone like a 12 year old lately.i'm on the phone all the time at work, and usually when i get home - i'm all ABOUT not yapping - but lately i can't talk to my friends enough. all praise the one rate long distance plan. ok - so that was last night - and it seems that last night i also had the bed time of a 12 year old ...but it wasn't enough sleep to keep me from acting like a 'ron today. So i have a dog right? as we all know this dog is the best thing ever - and i adore him ( i'm in my 30's and have no kids, so shut the fuck up ) so our normal routine in the morning is get up - throw on some clothes, take him for a quick 10-15 minute walk, come inside shower, yadda yadda yadda. ok fast forward to this morning.... get up a minute or 2 late - no biggie - but i was still WAY tired so i thought i would hop in the shower first ... so get all showered up ( long ass girly routine .... later rinse repeate exfoliate shave blah blah blah ) so hop out of the shower ( well, if you know me, you know that "hop" really isn't the right word - but whatever ) and throw the hair in a towel - throw on shorts and a t-shirt - thinking i'll just take mike out to the backyard ... but by the time i get downstairs, thow his leash on and get outside ..... i forgot the plan and was about 10 minutes into the walk - when i realized ... um, allie ... TOWEL on head ... and let's just say .. not really great walking clothes ..... luckily for me - it was still o'dark hundred .. and i managed to avoid too much neighborhood interaction.the upside of all this is - i thought i was having a majorily shitty hair day ... and have received 2 compliments so far - so either i work with mean uber bitches or i've even cuter than i think i am!now i have to see if the coffee has been made yet - and if not ... kill people!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Hum Thinkng Thinking...
So, I'm not sure what exactly to say this morning - but it's a classic allie move to stop writing - so i'm just gonna stream of consciousness go here and see what happens.From this mornings music choices, i predict that today will be sorta mellow, I went the nora jones and josh groban route in the car - until i almost fell back asleep and rear ended someone at the chic-fil-a whilst waiting for my egg and cheese biscuit and sweet tea... ( that read ALMOST - i didnt' hit anyone...yet) so then i decided that i really should see what's on the radio and see if i couldn't make myself wake up before i got to work and let the coffee gods do their magic.So then i turned on a local radio station and check this. They were talking to women, local atlanta women, who were writing love letters ( and meaning it ) to Scott Peterson. I mean come the fuck on. At the VERY VERY VERY least, he's a guy who not only cheated on his wife ( and i do get that even under the best circumstances that happens ) but cheated when his wife was 8 1/2 months pregnant. This woman on the radio "emily" kept saying how someone was innocent until proven guilty in this county....ok that's true ... BUT COME ON! She had written to both scott and his lawyers ..... and said "when she looked in his eyes she just couldn't believe that he was a murderer" WHA?????? ok, one - you're looking at someone on tv. That's like me saying when Kevin Spacey acts on screen, he's acting straight to me ... um... someones coocoo for coocoa puffs ..... then started talking about how attractive he was.Now i've seen people that one first glance were not what i'd consider beautiful, but then when you meet them and they make you laugh or smile or sing... or you see the kindness of their spirit or the triumph of the heart - they become more attractive. But holy jumped up jesus christ... this man is accused of killing his wife and unborn baby ... in allie world, you lose cute points for that.but maybe that's just me.
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Sunday, August 15, 2004
Island Day
Not in the de plane de plane way ...but in some ways a fantasy nonetheless.Every once in a while, this girl needs an island day ...not a depression induced stay in the bed and be pitiful day, but a stay on the sofa and watch bad movies on lifetime tv and eat junk food and nap with the dog day. These days can be even better when you have someone to nap and snuggle with, but today I had to be content with the dog.At this moment however, I'm suffering the after effects of the slug/island day - serious cabin fever. There are 2 problems with this a. i live in ga and it's sunday - so everything to do solo is closed and z. i'm flying solo these days. So as you can see there is no spanish man in a white suit greeting me off of the plane and onto the island where the man of my dreams or reality or weekend would happen to be ...and Law and Order CI has been pre-empted by the Olympics .... but i have an awsome dog and access to ice cream, so i think i'll survive another day.
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Saturday, August 14, 2004
It's Official, I'm ....well getting old.
So last night a friend of mine had a suprize birthday party. This friend of mine is older .. she turns 60 this weekend, and her kids threw her a wing ding - complete with friends flying in from both New York and California. I was suprized to see when I got the invitation that the party was in Buckhead.... cause I didn't think of her as a Buckhead party girl ( Buckhead is a part of Atlanta that used to be pretty fun with lots of bars and clubs and stuff ... and somewhere it got less fun, or I got older .... either way - if you're in Atlanta, I recomment the Highlands area ... but i digress... i do that a lot) So my friends and I get to the club....not without driving in oncoming traffic's land and almost getting killed - but we didn't - so there's that ...... so we get there -and climb up about 500 stairs to this "party room" that's attached to a bar downstairs. Dear Readers ( both of you ) i have 3 words ... No Air Conditioning .... and a few more words .... there's a band downstairs warming up right underneath us - so there's the whole "our" music competing for "their" music. Although one friend of mine "Ann P." discovered that sitting at the right angle on the chair while the bass was seriously thumping was NOT an completly bad thing.Anyho, Allie hadn't eaten all day - so perhaps starting by drinking a Manhattan in about 3 seconds wasn't the way to go - so i moved on to my dear friend Corona....and ran into an old friend ... it was unexpected to see her - but according to some there - she kept talking bout how pretty i looked - and whether you dig girls or boys - a compliment is a compliment ... just wish there was a boy there saying such things - but whatever ..... man, I'm digressing again....So she was suprized...and that's cool - she was THRILLED to see her friends from college there .... then the music started - LOUD. This is where i realized I'm too old. Small room, LOUD music, not able to talk, I really am a drinker and a chatter, i like dancing when dancing is happening, but loud music just for loud music doesn't work for me, and by 10:30 ... i was starting to be REAL ready to go and do something else .... so us being us ....what did we do?? yes. that's right. we ate. a little veggie sushi is good for whatever ails ya. Then i headed back home to mike....listening to Al Green all the way ...... if you have to be alone listening to Al, the only way to do it is LOUD with the windows down imagining that you're dancing in the arms of someone safe that makes you smile.maybe i'll find that guy at the next party.

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