Sunday, September 12, 2004
09/12/04 - 09/08/04

Ok you know what. You got me. Uncle. I give in.
I’m a TV watcher for sure…but not like most people I think. I tend to watch Nick at Night, or a “good” sitcom ( friends, scrubs, will and grace …. I sound like I work for NBC), or any version of Law and Order …. Stuff like that. I am NOT repeat NOT a reality TV watcher. Didn’t watch Survivor, don’t watch Big Brother, ICK KACK don’t watch Fear Factor … hell I don’t even watch the Real World or Road Rules anymore…. So I can with all authority and safety say I do NOT watch reality TV….Um, I used to be able to say that.Until I saw last week’s season opener of the train wreck on VH1 – “the surreal life” …First, I can’t find the real “celebrity” in this show … Bridgette neilson, flava flav ( who get this, more than once has been the voice of reason), Jordan Knight, Uncle Joey from Full House, Charo, and some chick that was “ famous “ for 3 minutes while on American idol.Ok – so you get all these freaks together in one house …. And chaos ensues right….exactly. First Bridgette ( and from now on I’m gonna use her delta tau chi name…drunkenhugeknockers ) decides that really drunk and all naked all the time is the way to go. baby, momma is gonna need you to put on a shirt …..Then Jordan Knight ( from New Kids on The Block fame ) { sidebar – with as much as I STILL like N*sync ( yeah I do so shut up ) was never a NKOTB fan } but realize that this man was pretty cute back in the day …. He shows up wearing a LeTigre shirt. ( I guess times are hard … although #3ky told me last night that his son’s name is “donte” so … I’ll let you draw your own conclusions **no offense inteneded to anyone named donte, anyone who loves someone named donte, anyone who knows anyone named donte, et al ) so while I’m not sure about the garanimals/la tigre shirt that Jordan is sporting … it’s better than the opera soprano diva Viking helmet that flava flav is sporting … and as bothered as I was by them .. it was NOTHING compared to the moment when he pointed to the horns on his head and said “the horn was growing with Bridgette in the pool” …. Let that settle in and then try to EVER sleep again.So the Uncle Joey guy seems ok so far, although everytime I see him I think of Alannis Morrisette’s “ you outta know” and I think …. This is about HIM??? “ an older version of me, is she perverted like me will she go down on you in a theater ...” this is about UNCLE JOEY?!?!And charo…. What can I say about charo?Yea. That’s all I can say.Anyway – you got me. Uncle. I give. I’m hooked …. I’ll be watching …. Possibly even taping …***************Do y’all remember the store Drug Emporium? This was my favorite store. If they didn’t have it, you didn’t need it. I miss that damn store. See, I’m a drug store junkie. I love those places … I can spend hours looking at makeup, smelling lotions, looking at school supplies, seeing what new magazines are out there …. All that stupid ass stuff. I dig it. I did a little wal-greening this weekend … I love wal-greens. They are new here in Atlanta, and each store is brand new and shiny and well lit… and well – it reminds me a wee bit of the old days of DE. But damn, I wish that store was still here. …..And what else ..Oh yea, who schedules meetings on a Monday morning? Sheesh….it took EVERYTHING I had to stay awake – and honestly I’m not sure that I did …but it’s over – I have more coffee going … and life might be survivable …That being said – Johnny #5 and I talked a few times this weekend, and it looks like our friendship is in tact …. And the one I’m wishing was Johnny #6 ( who just for my own personal fun – I’ma call Kevin Spacey … cause I love me some Kevin Spacey … and it throws the haters off the trail of who it is …. Cause my local friends read this and know us both) …anyhow, Kevin and I talked for a long time… and that’s all good and nice too.And I have clean carpets….well I did. Until approximately .05 seconds after the floor was dry and furniture was put back in place .. my dog decided to roll around on it – shedding another 50pounds of black hair onto my newly cleaned beige run.It’s a good thing I ADORE that dog!
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Friday, September 10, 2004
Brothers and SistersA
Turn in your hymal to page 1987, this song come from the inspired tale told of by ms. jody whatley ...and fits the day ( at least the chorus does)Gave you loveyou did me wrongdidn't know what to doBut babyI'm stronggonna get over youa new boy I'm gonna choose.You'll see - My love was truestill you threw it all away.Now other guys will have methey'll appreciate my loveTell mehow does it feel?You know that I needed youyou know that you meant the world to meYou know I had to have younow I'm gonna find somebody new!I'm looking for a new lovebabya new loveyeahyeahyeah!I'm looking for a new lovebabya new loveyeahyeahyeah!Was she hot?Did she turn you out?Curiousity rules my brain.Was she worth my heart?It's torn all apart.Are you going back again?Tell me - My love was truestill you threw it all away.But now you're like the restunworthy of my best.Hasta la vistababy!ok, so all of that song doesn't fit today ...but the looking for a new love part does.Johnny #5 came to town last night. What a difference a month and a change of mind makes. See #5 and i sorta had this cool emotion not involved - excellent physical affair going on. and it was a good thing for months and months. but see, now my heart is all spun up around someone else ... and as we were about to go to sleep last night and he had his arms around me....all and i mean ALL i could think of was ' stop touching me're the wrong one....HE'S supposed to be holding me' .... and if i was able to cry - i would...but i can' that might be a good thing seeing as how i'm at the office....and crying would not be cute at this moment.but instead i'm going to another famous friday morning meeting - and i'm not answering the phone, cause i'm not fit to deal with people.woe to me.
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Thursday, September 09, 2004
while i'm waiting for my next appointment...
i'm gonna start a list. you all know i LOVE a list. several years ago i was all spun up in that gratitude stuff...i say that like it's a bad thing....but i was never really not grateful or unaware of all the blessings in my the list ( daily list of things i was grateful for ) was not the best use of my time. So a friend of mine and i started a things that suck list. ...and NO you pervs ( god knows i love each and everyone of you) not that kinda suck.Allie's partial list of things that suck....1. when your frekin spacebar is stuck on your keyboard
2. that all radio stations play commercials at the same time
3. realizing there's no tp .... too late
4. not having a maid
6. bugs...any all...period
7. being sweaty
8. flat hair
9. being lonely
10. being disappointed
11. unrequited love
12. unrequited LUST
13. chipped nail polish
14. crankyness
15. people bitching about being cold....and wearing sleeveless things and tiny skirtsi know i'll have a million more things to add...but a gal's gotta work.

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