Saturday, September 04, 2004
09/04/04 -09/01/04 i think

Saturday, September 04, 2004
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz Indoor Voices Please
I'm all manner of sleepy today for no apparent reason, except i think i got too much sleep last night .... and went back to bed this morning after taking mike out ... so this will be super rambly...and i'm really ok with that - i'm supposed to be cleaning, my parents are coming over here tomorrow to clean the carpets in the downstairs and the steps headed up .... see, i have a dog. my dog is a SHEDDING MACHINE. i have a black lab/chow mix. an 80 pound shedding machine .... that i totally adore .. but did i mention he sheds? anyhow, i have to uber vaccume and move some furniture around so we can do all that jazz tomorrow. and i'm trying to be grateful about the help, although i like to go to church and lunch on sundays ... and i never asked for the help...i was informed that they're coming ... so i guess they are ...oh yeah, and i heard on the radio this morning that AL FUCKING GREEN is coming to town in like 3 weeks, and lauren isn't here to go with me, and i have no one's son to take me either .... anyone wanna come down to atlanta and take me to this concert .... it makes me sad to think he'll be in town, but that i won't make it - but then #3ky didn't make it to her concert with him either ... so maybe this is just another way that we're alike.oh, and i decided that i'm having magic shell and ice cream for dinner ... note the order mentioned in that - not ice cream with magic shell .... magic shell and ice cream... yum.... it's heaven in a bowl.....what else... not much going on in the world of allie ... slow news weekend here, johnny #5 might be in town next weekend and this could be good ... and the first weekend in october i'm going to charlotte to visit my gay boyfriends and go to drag bingo and do the breast cancer walk ... so that'll be good ... i'm still feeling sorta shitty that my new boyfriend got so embarassed, and i hope he's willing to come back and play some more ...
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Friday, September 03, 2004
i scream... you scream
I scream you scream.But enough about the really good sex sounds.I work in an office that has ice cream parties about once a month, and they are so NOT playing …we’re talking PLA-DOW … ice cream, fruit, brownies, cookies, sprinkles, syrups, nuts ( tee hee, I said nuts )So in about an hour I’ll be SO done working … and in an ice cream coma … and that’s a good coma to be in my people … I might post later from the coma … might not … live with the risk…This on top of the fact that my hair looks FUCKIN awesome today .. it looks like rockin sex hair – even though I’ve had NO sex … but we are listening to wrexx-in-effx today … it’s a rumpshaker kinda afternoon … so while I can “ drop it like it’s hot “ I’m gonna spare y’all on the visual of that …. Or maybe not – I’ll have to see if there is a digital camera around here ….Ok – that’s all I have at the moment …. Not feeling super funny at the moment …
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Paging Dr.Carter, we need you in the ER - STAT
Dr. Carter - " what do we have, car wreck, train wreck, sarin gas poisoning, earthquake?"Nurse - " WORSE" ( pause ) " loss of sense of humor"Dr. Carter - " It's in God's hands now, there's nothing I can do for him"so, we all thought we had found someone ( or someone had found us ) who could hang and play along .. WOW were we wrong.So it seems EVERYONE got the joke, and played along - doing their parts, and the joke progressed along well - with one key exception, the joke surpassed the one who started it.First, he thought the promise of hot sweaty sex was for him. um. nope. i don't even know this man's name. and even with the aide of large amounts of liquor, i'ma need at least a name.... and as he had claimed to read some older entries - i'm thinking prolly not -cause he skipped right over the part where i'm in love with someone else and struggling everyday to come to grips with that .... ( and ps - i DON'T live in smyrna ... people that are from here are VERY clear about the differences between smyrna and my town )where was i...oh yes ... playing along with the joke. being the girl with the kickin sense of humor that i am ... i played along ... you mention sushi - i offer sushi ( i'm a fucking vegetarian .. raw fish - yeah, not so much) { i gotta tell you how i'm shaking my head and laughing while writing this}sidebar - Todd, you realize what we're doing with all of this right ... it's PERFECT.anyway, my texas friend, i recommend that you scrape off the moldy part of the humor cheese wheel, and take another bite ... cause ou might find out that playing along is fun and funny and in the end - everyone but YOU realized the joke and carried on. Either that or i recommend a prescription for prozac and some therapy - cause not everyone is out to get you...some don't even want you...and in closing - lemme quote a great prophet of our time ...the wise Ducky Dale:" it's called a sense of humor, you should get one, they're nice."good luck to you with that.
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Thursday, September 02, 2004
Ever had aYou picked the wrong woman on the wrong day kinda day?This is my day, I don’t know if it’s PMS, stress, tired-ness, sick of it ness, or what. But I’m feeling like Ms. Crabbypants at the moment. And I’m sorta ok with it.One of my favorite people on the planet is moving away … and even though we didn’t get to get together all that often, I like knowing that we could. And now she’s moving 3 plane layovers, 2 trains, and one bus away. And she’s one of the one’s who “gets me” . I should be grateful cause I have like 4 girl friends that I actually met thru a book club of sorts, that I couldn’t feel closer to if they were my own flesh and blood. I have cried, laughed, worried, giggled, lusted, been angry and disappointed for and with these women. I realize that that’s an AMAZING thing that many people go thru their entire lives without having. I could at any moment call any of these Lauren, my Christel, my Stacey, or my Mary and they would drop everything to come to my aid … I would do the same for them … and this is a rare and precious thing. They fact that one is more beautiful than the next … and each one is so smart and funny that i'm actually intimidated by them..However the bitch of it is we are spread out all over the east coast and mid-west … and now one is moving further away. She’s moving for all the right reasons..and I still hate it. I’m usually more than a cup “half full” gal … I’m a cup ½ full and colorfully decorated gal … but today I’m sad.And a little angry.I hope it’s the hormones … and some chocolate and some good time with my dog helps me feel better.

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