Monday, August 30, 2004
repost august 30,2004

Monday, August 30, 2004
mmmmmmmmmmmmm monday.
Good Morning my People.So my rock star self is at the office – working with the great unwashed. Aren’t I a sweetie. And I have made a decision, I have decided that “Forlorn Texan” is my new online boyfriend. He doesn’t know this – and I don’t know that he needs to … but let’s look at the facts … I call like EVERYONE “tex”…was born in Texas, and the Rock Star and Joey Fatone are moving back there soon –it just seems to make sense.So did I say I had fun this weekend? Cause I did! And have I mentioned my new crush –one Mr. Jon Secada….there’s nothing like a couple of hours watching a man without his shirt on sing that puts a spring in a gal’s step….oh and he came out at the end ( well he didn’t “come out” …. But I digress) and sand “close every door” in Spanish. My goddaughter looked at me and said “he’s really pretty” – that’s a smart kid right there….and the other goddaughter couldn’t GET enough of me yesterday – when she saw me in the theater she said “ HOORAY, IT’S ALLISON” I mean come on people, does it get better than that?!?! And she and I were talking during intermission where she learned one of my favorite bits of theater advice “ the overture is part of the show, shut your hole” … but again with the digression...So I’m listening to hootie this morning – which isn’t necessarily rock star music – but it makes me happy … and it’s a long weekend weekend …the coffee was ready when I got to the office –so all in all it could have been so much worseSo leave me a comment and show me some love!

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