Wednesday, September 08, 2004
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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
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This was written my one of my favorite people in the world....i wish i could say i was eloquent enough to come up with something like this but i'm just plain not. Read this if you want ... if not ... don't worry - my consistent blogs about sex and good hair will return tomorrow ...Wednesday, September 08, 2004Rainy Wednesday ReflectionsIn what may be the biggest turnaround since Zell Miller sold his soul to the Dark Lords, this election cycle is starting to leave me jaded and cynical. One of the main reasons for this change is that I am suprised and disappointed to find out how quickly people have become disengaged with the whole process. Just yesterday, I talked to no less than three people who are considering not voting at all because they think all the candidates are liars. How sad is it that someone would give up the most fundamental duty of citizenship, and out of what, laziness? Come on people, shut off the Fox News and get out there and do a little research. Formulating that first independent thought will hurt a little at first, but the pain will be well worth it in the end.In case you're wondering where a person might go to do said research, Project Vote-Smart is an excellent source of unbiased, non-partisan information about candidates. Don't say I never gave you anything.The second thing that happened to strip away my starry-eyed optimism is that we, meaning, me, my husband Dave, our children, and our friend, who we'll call Bubba cause that's what we call her anyway, marched with John Kerry supporters in the Paden City, WV Labor Day Parade. We got booed. We got heckled. I, of course, heckled back. We were out there in the ninety-degree heat exercising our First Ammendment Rights, and throwing candy to boot, and overheard a parent tell her kid to throw the candy back at us. Rest assured that if anyone had lobbed candy back at my innocent children, I'd be in jail now instead of here, gracing you with my presence.Now, I'm not a big whiny baby who expected to be greeted with flowers and chocolates. But what I don't get about the whole thing is this: how can people who have nothing--no jobs, no hope, no future, no healthcare, no financial security--nothing be so rabidly in favor of a president who has done nothing to make their lives better? Our illustrious President's record speaks for itself:1. George Bush Doesn’t Finish What He Starts· He started the War on Terror in Afghanistan to catch Osama Bin Laden. He got bored with that and attacked Iraq to advance Halliburton’s Agenda.· He initiated “No Child Left Behind” and failed to fund it.· He promised after Sept. 11 to make us safer and stronger, but he has blocked or hesitated on the recommendations of every panel and agency to prevent another such disaster. Our power and chemical plants remain unguarded. Our ports are still not secured.2. George Bush Won’t Deliver What He Promises· He promised his tax cuts would create 5.5 million jobs; instead, he delivered a 1.2 million job loss.· He promised not to touch the 5.6 trillion dollar budget surplus; instead, he delivered a 7.2 trillion dollar national debt.· He promised prescription drug coverage for our senior citizens; instead, he delivered a plan that is expected to cost the average senior more than they pay out-of-pocket already today.· He promised to provide access to healthcare for working families; instead, 3.8 million people have lost their health insurance coverage under his administration.If you watched the RNC, these promises are the same promises that he made four years ago and didn't deliver. So why would anyone believe he's going to deliver this time? I guarantee you that he will still fail to fund the programs he touted. I guarantee you that if we give him four more years, we'll end up with a third front in the "War on Terror" in Iran.Just yesterday, the Bush administration released what is about their sixth deficit projection for 2004, and the GOP Spin Machine celebrated. That’s right, the GOP has a spin machine, and I hate to be the one to break it to you, it's headquartered at FoxNews, and Rupert Murdoch is it's CEO. According to White House Budget Panel spokesman Sean Spicer, the record $422 billion deficit projection is cause for joy , “Deficits are going down, jobs are going up, the economy is improving; I don’t see how you can’t be happy with that news.” Mr. Spicer, I have REALITY for you on line one! So much for the “No Spin Zone.” The good news is that there are only 2 months left in the fiscal year, and if they keep throwing numbers out there, they might actually get it right.But let’s return to my original point. There were no Bush supporters out there on Monday marching in the heat. Why? Because the Republican Party knows that if they keep screaming about gay marriage, abortion, and gun control, the people of West-by-God-Virginia will keep voting for George Bush. They take our vote for granted.People of West Virginia, wake up! I’m a daughter of your mountains. I’m a Lady of the Golden Horseshoe (if you’re not from WV, you have no idea what that means. Go look it up). My family has sweated, bled, and died in these hills for six generations. One of my papaws died in the mines in Fayette County, and the other one worked his entire adult li
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So johnny #5 is supposed to come to town tomorrow.This is a story I have heard before. See Johnny #5 ( all thanks to HRT for the name ) is a friend of mine … with benefits. And we have a very strange relationship, where we are sorta friends, but have like NOTHING in common. I’m a democrat, he’s a republican. I’m a pacifist, he’s about to go to Iraq with the National Guard, I’m short and thick, he’s tall and thin, I’m a baseball fan, he’s a college football fan, he lives in North Cackalackie, I live in Atlanta. But there is something we have in common (at least this weekend )We’re both gonna be in town at the same time…and we both haven’t “seen” each other in a while.Now he has said he’s gonna be in town before and never shown up, now this isn’t a big deal, cause I always make other plans … cause he’s unreliable thata way … but damn – I could stand some rock star action this weekend … so chime in with what cha think.*****************I’m having some stress with some people that I thought were my friends, but now I hear are talking some shit about me. And that is one PERFECT way to piss this girl off. I would hope that if I was angry/ticked/irritated/whatever at someone that I would just have the stones to say it to them. I’m thirtyfuckinfour years old. At what age does the gossip stop? … again chime in’s are welcome …Other than that, things are good. My other friends ROCK and these people might too ... maybe it's sensitive day - but i don't think so! My dog is just about damn near perfect, I’m happy, and my hair looks great today – I think I’m gonna make a manic panic run at sally’s this afternoon and slap some more red in it –cause this rockstar hair is starting to fade – and we just plain can’t have that now can we?Oh…and reservation opportunities for allie’s XXX seminar will be announced shortly. I’m gonna need some male volunteers … any takers ?and blogger has been down all day = so be nice to me!
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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
somethings you really should pay full price for..
now i love shopping. i'm one of those irritating people who if they have 4 bucks will spend 6. i espically love shopping for make up and hair products. see, i'm what my friend todd would call "thick" ... and what i call " gotdamn FYNE" ... and ( wait for it, i'll make my point ) while i can't lose a gabillion pounds by tomorrow - it's quite possible that a new lipstick or an excellent hair day will make me feel like a gabillion dollars. i love walking in the house with a new bag of goodies and playing make up ( i also like playing make out - but that's a whole different game ) so sometimes when things are'll find me at walgreens eyeing the new lipsmackers trying to figure out what flavor i don't have yet - that owning will make my life complete.i do prefer to shop alone however - cause although i love it - with the noted exception of the cosmetics/hair section .... i shop like a man. I'm a hunter not a gatherer. i know exactly what it is that i want. go in, get it, go home. some people ( like my friend - we'll call her christine ) will touch EVERYTHING in the store and make that air sucking in sound. this makes me wanna punch her in the i love her, so i don't do it - but i sho' do think about it....i just plain can't go up and down every single aisle looking and touching and oohing ... if it's not on the list - i don't need it .... but sometimes... you've got some time to kill and you end up browsing .... this happened to me this weekend. Christine and i were meeting afterwork for dinner and a manicure - not necessarily in that order - thanks to the classic atlanta traffic ( and every single person in florida driving thru atlanta at rush hour.... why?!?! ) i got there too late for the manicure - so we wandered around a little bit before dinner... and ended up in the dollar store.dollar stores amaze me. they either have crap in there that i wouldn't pay 10 cents for, much less a dollar. or they have amazing stuff in there - where you feel the need to buy 30 of them cause hell, they're only a buck. this store was full of mostly crap. but christine found some crap she needed. so we wander up to the check out and there they are ... a 4 pack for a dollar...
yes, that's right, condoms at the dollar store. on what planet is that a good idea. i mean, is the risk worth the savings.....the risk of pregnancy, the risk of an std, the risk of knowing that you're willing to SLEEP with a man who pays a DOLLAR for 4 condoms ..... ladies.... help me out here. i'm all for a rockin night/morning/afternoon of hot sweaty rock star sex .... but let's remember some really good advise that we've all heard at least once before in our all things, be not sleep with a man who uses condoms that cost a quarter. cause if you do, i will find out about it. and i will talk about you.
oh, and i got some new makeup this weekend. i look great - frances be damned.

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