Thursday, September 16, 2004
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Monday, September 20, 2004
An Apple A Day....
An Apple A Day Ok, you know how you can make fun of your family, but if someone else does it .. you’re ready to kill?? I tend to be that way about southern jokes. See ( as brett butler { who went to my high school by the by } put it “ I’m so southern, I’m related to myself” and while I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE a lot of southern humorists … others making fun of us ticks me off.But, with that disclaimer…lemme tell you about this Sunday’s trip to the north Georgia mountains. To start it was one of those days where the whole family got along – we were all laughing and joking and being silly. This is a wonderful sign. So yay for that …. So, we went to lunch…then headed north. Now, my parents live about 30-45 minutes from the foothills of the blue ridge mountains … and this is a good thing. Cause as you all know, I love the mountains, and this means I’m close enough to go for a picnic ( or eating al fresco for my offended by the word picnic friends ) or a day walk, or to just breathe non polluted air ….or to smell some frekin AWESOME smelling BBQ cooked my some toothless man in a shack on the side of the road …. ANYWAYWe get to the Apple Barn, and start wander in – so I may start my hunt for the all elusive and ever delicious pumpkin butter …. But before we could get in the building….there is some toothless wonder standing outside with a feedstore baseball cap on complete with confederate flag ( kack) and A SQUIRREL ON HIS SHOULDER…now here is where the fun came in. daddy and I just look at each other and keep on moving … like a guy with a squirrel on his shoulder is something we see everyday, as common as green grass or a blue sky. All the southern people ( and especially the mountain people ) were totally bored by squirrel man and paid him NO mind. The Yankees traveling thru town however … WOW, they were filarious … double takes, staring, whispering, loudly wondering if it was a live squirrel (duh), women shrieking …. It was fabulous …. It reminded me that now matter how “city” I am, I can hang in the country and not draw enough attention to get shot. This is a good thing.So, we’re inside this general store type place that has fried apple pie made by the hands of fine Christian women …and they are so damn good, fresh apples, deep fried, powdered sugar…when I say they’re good, I’m not sure that you people are understanding me. When something is really really good – I usually say “it’s so good I wanna rub it on myself” these are so good, I wanna rub them on someone else then lick it off – so I can A. rub it on someone then 5. still get to eat it myself. So while mom and daddy and I are eating our snacks … this woman and her family walked in. This woman was so funny, I can’t even properly explain it. She had on her church clothes, really cute hot pink Capri pants and matching shirt…snappy sandals….and ROLLED DOWN KNEE HI’S….. yes, she wore her stockings like Momma … from “Momma’s Family” I was really hoping she was going to call her daughter with her Eunice – but she didn’t. That could be a good thing, that might have pushed me over the edge.Anyway long story medium, We picked some lovely apples, I got my apple butter and pumpkin butter, fresh honey …and the wonderful fried pie.Good food, good family, good laughs, and a beautiful day. Who could ask for more…..well, I could. But I won’t.
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Saturday, September 18, 2004
my day. by allie.
the alarm went off this morning as if it was a work day at 5:30 ... luckily my dog had the smarts to look at me as if to say "bitch, i suggest you turn that damn thing off and go back to sleep" which is exactly what i did. so then...slept in a little bit more ...then had some AWESOME coffee that was given to me by none other that #3sc...and damn sam, it's good coffee... in fact it was so good - i took it outside with me while i took mike out and started talking with a neighbor - and we decided that it was time for us to catch up - so we put our dogs back in the house she brought out a mug - i brought the coffee out and we set up chairs in the cul-de-sac and chatted ... then another neighbor came out ... and we talked with him. and teehee - he didn't quite "adjust" himself before he came over to chat .... and we got a little morning show with our neighbor ( woman ) and i just kept looking at each other while talking to him...then when he went back inside we discussed how we figured we knew why his wife was always in such a good damn mood.then i went back in the house - opened all the windows to let the cool morning air in.... and listen to "car talk" cause i'm a total NPR dork, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE car talk. all i know about my car is where the gas goes and how to check for oil levels - but i'm a loyal car talk listener ... they crack me up. did i mention that it was cool this morning ...this is allie's idea of heaven on earth ...what a perfect beautiful morning ... i feel a musical number coming on...hey. speaking of...did i tell you about karaoke last night???no i don't think i did.. late last night i went out with the new boy ...we went to karaoke .... cracked me up...i just love that.... it makes me laugh everytime. the people that are awful and having a good time. ...the people that take it WAY too seriously..the ones who dress like who they're going to sing like and all of that .... and just for the record - i did "son of a preacher man" cause it a. rocks 5. is in my range and 19. is a crowd pleaser. ....and i'm a whore for the ovation!anyway, back to today. took mike on a walk at a local mountain park .. lots of families, babies, cute boys with their dog is a boy magnet - and i love that - something about a woman with a big dog is an attraction...and i dont' mind it - i had my headphones going with james taylor ...and a little cat stevens ( thanks for the reminder jackie ) good times...then i went to the grocery store - and evidently i was having a sweet tooth..cause damn. i'm embarassed to say all of the stuff i got - but you know what if you want ice cream or oreo's ...come see me - i can hook you UP! anyway ... it was a good day major complaints ... i spoke to mary and stacey and lauren ... and chatted it up with christel some last night ... who can ask for more.well i totally could. but i'm not gonna. not today at least. but i am gonna go find someone's son to make out with - cause a day this good need to end with some make out time don't ya think?
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Friday, September 17, 2004
Ever just wake up HAPPY?
Today’s theme song: Jill Scott GOLDENThis was my morning… just plain woke up happy. I have been sleeping like hammered crap … but last night I was toast. I fell asleep about 7:45 – and slept until 5:30 this morning … that my friends is a good damn night of sleep …Then this morning I realized that I slept thru the Ivan storms … but my neighborhood was fine. No trees down, no power outages, hell I even still had cable ….lots of the city lost power, most of the schools are closed but my neighborhood is fine… Not too shabby … Mike was ALL playful…these are all good things …Only possible ick moment … ever forget that you have clothes in the washer … for like 2 days .. ick kack … and of course the skirt I wanted to wear today is in it – but whatever… just move on to plan b.And I have a date tonight …perhaps the dry white spell is over …and I already know he’s not the one … he’s not even in the same zip code as the one…but he makes me laugh, thinks I’m pretty and sexy and funny – and will buy me beer – I can think of worse Friday nights! And tomorrow …. One of the last weekends of the pool being open at the club…so I predict fruity drinks by the pool – and I’m hoping to con some friends into a cookout that night ……and Sunday …. Going to the mountains with mom and’s apple festival time..this means a trip to the apple barn….and allie is getting some apple butter and pumpkin butter … come see me, I make a biscuit that will make you slap your ownself – then I’ll smother it in honey and the pumpkin butter … and you will ask me to marry you … I’m that good. At many things.. but that’s another thread for another day.So, this week has been a bitch on many levels…a friend was good enough to kick my ass when I needed it, I was grown up enough to LISTEN and do something about it, and in turn I was honest with the man I adore, and he heard me….that ladies and gentlemen does NOT suck….so Friday looks good …and I’m smiling… gotta love that.And did I mention the mountains? See I ADORE fall and winter … but especially fall. When the sky gets that special clear crisp blue, the air smells just a little different and feels lighter, and yesterday I saw the first sugar maple leave that had started their amazing show of COLOR…makes me wanna listen to james taylor and drink cider. It reminds me that I survived another hot Georgia summer … and the reward of a cool beautiful fall is just around the corner….leaves will start their show, the walks in the woods with mike will start to get longer, sleeping with windows open while hunkered down under a quilt will happen, and I’m hoping to go on a mini vacation to a cabin up in blue ridge Georgia ….a cabin, a cool morning, a mug of warm coffee, sitting in a rocking chair on the back porch looking over a gorge of fall’s glorious color show, no tv, no dvd, just books, and friends, and relaxing, listening to james taylor, content and happy.Today is a good day to be alive. I’m thankful for one more day to be ME!

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