Thursday, January 20, 2005
i have my very own personal stylist!

who knew ....

as anyone who reads this, and most of my girlfriends know - i am in the process of growning my hair back out ... it's getting longer - but still isn't long enough yet - and is making me inFUCKINGsane .... but luckily for me - my cube farm mate here at work is a braider savant. I have her do my hair for me a couple of times a week ... and this was one of those days.

so today - she's starting the braid and says..did you not put product in your hair today because it feels different ... and i started laughing with the co-worker who was also in the cube while we played salon .... and the braider says - no, you know when you do someone's hair all the time - you learn what it usually feels like i have someone doing my hair often enough that she knows what it feels like daily - i don't know why i find that so funny but i do.

#3sc's kitty took off yesterday - so let's send her kitty juju please - cause we need her to come home .....

yesterday - or the day before i can't remember - Kristen ( see link on sidebar ) was talking about her neighbors and their 900 children who like to leave their crap everywhere ... and it got me thinking about some of my neighbors. I live in this great neighborhood that i really has a few different 'mini' subdivisions ... and the one i live in should really be called "the minivan" instead of "the pines" .... see I am one of 2 single women who live there ( and no single me of course ) and the other single chick and i are the ONLY ones without a minivan, regular van, or SUV ..... it just makes me laugh ... people have asked more than once about why i have a "family" house when it's just me .... to which i of course answer - because i can .. DUH.

I am lucky however, that i really like my neighbors and we have fun... cocktails, cook outs ( not BBQ's - i'll give you my rant on that later), pet setting, fact one of my next door neighbors is my favorite kind - the kind you wave to everyday - say - how are you! don't you love this weather, your flowers look wonderful... yadda yadda yadda - and keep on moving ... LOVE IT. The people that lived there before them- not so great. I guess as actual human beings they're ok .. but as neighbors big ball of suckage. The first time i knew i hated them was one happy warm spring saturday here in atlanta - i'm watching a spring training game on tv.... and i hear thud.....thud.....thud....thud. And this little no neck monster is using the side of my house as something to beam tennis balls off of. So, i pull myself away from greg maddox and go outside and tell him to stop he - he gives me the dull blank stare of the inbred, cousin dating, booger eating, 7 year old that he is ... so i knock on the neighbors door and say - i don't mean to be a pest - but could you please ask your own personal spawn of satan to throw the ball on his own goddamn house and not mine.

things are ok ... fast forward a year ... i have mike now - he's a puppy and lives in a HUGE crate when i'm not in the house ...... i leave for 2 hours to go to my goddaughter's birthday party - and i come home to my neighbors having a party - fine, no big deal, and they are playing some sorta testosterone game in MY yard .... my dog has gone into protecto mode and crawled/scratched/fought his way out of the crate and greets me at the door dripping blood off his face and paws ... and there are drops of blood all over my white floor.

some people might have been calm.
i am not that person.

you can fuck with me.
you can fuck with my yard.

do not, i repeat do NOT fuck with my dog.

i lost my everloving mind. i went out back yelling for them to get off of my yard .... asked what the hell was wrong with them....then took mike to the emergency vet to make sure he was ok .... i was NOT a happy woman. I still get those hot angry tears when i think about it.

eventually they moved - cause see they're such good Catholics (i 'm not catholic bashing - stay with me ) that they have their kids enrolled in a private Church of God school....wha? that makes no sense you say ... to which i ask what's your point ... anyhow the school moved to the next town north - and so did they - thank God.

now my other neighbors are great .... no complaints .... and so that's a's handy to have local drinking buddies...who also have dogs and fences .... fun for everyone.....

( i've started this entry and stopped it about 20 times, and have not proofread ... so God help you in making sense of this ... good luck to you!)

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