Friday, October 29, 2004
10/29/04 - 10/27/04

Friday, October 29, 2004
if you like pork

...not in the tornado variety'd love my office office offered early retirement to lots of people to avoid layoffs ...and today is the last day for several people in my unit. ..and we're having a big ass i have to admit - one of the best things about this group is that we EAT. like every other week we'll do some sort of covered dish lunch - or breakfast - or ice cream party or something ....but today is breakfast. and in the south...that means pork. bacon, sasuage, ham, pork chops, pork hash, red eye gravy, and probably pork enfused coffee ....if you don't eat pork - this translates to the office smelling like ass.

now, i'll admit that the last month or so - i've been the world's worst vegetarian i've been eating shrimp like it's going out of style - and digging on the sushi .... and i'll admit - a sacred cow or two has had to die ...... but i still can't bring myself to the pork place ... and i'm now surrounded .... totally and completly by it... and mind if i say ick.
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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Moment of Panic this morning....

wow ... for a moment there i forgot my password to this here blogger thing ... and the panic almost set in. wait, that's a lie. the panic did set in ... but then i got it back and all is well.i was trying to think of a "topical" entry instead of my normal stream of though ... or lack of thought ... entries .... but seeing as how i got like NO sleep last night .... and have the subsequent headache this morning .... i'm not sure how topical i'm willing to be.i have been doing a lot of blog surfing during my lunch hour lately .... and wow, there are some strange - and some excellent - and some crappy ones out there .... i'd love to list my favorites - but alas, i'm a computer ninny ... and don't know how to link them. there is one site where this woman posts her's both heartbreaking and beautiful...sad and sexy...she writes things i'd love to say to him...and things i'd love him to say to me ....i hope she doesn't mind me posting her link:

so i was thinking know what i want right now? to lay down next to him curled up all spooned in the bed and have him behind me and kiss my naked shoulder while we tell each other the secrets we've been too scared to say out loud before.doesn't that sound better than working.i can't wait to meet that guy. but i can wait. i have time.

ok - so i'm adding more to this right now - i'm feeling very sappy, but also content in the sap. the feeling is more looking forward to the love than a painful longing for it...i'm looking forward to the affection, and the warm fuzzies, and the way he's going to smell, and the feel of "his smile pressed against mine" and warming my feet on his, and drinking coffee together, and catching him looking at me ... and when i ask "what"...he says something like "i'm just glad you're here", i'm looking forward to making his very favorite meal, just because, and to him taking my face in his palms and gently kissing my lips, all sweet and holding hands in having "our song", to the random voice mails that just say "i was thinking about you allie, can't wait to see you again" ... to the fighting and the making up .... to the making love, making a home, making a family, making 2 lives become 1 ... i already love him, he already loves we just need to meet, re-meet, or somehow find each other .... can you imagine how GREAT that day will be??
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Git yer Flirt on....

First, I really do hope that as y’all read that title you read it in Missy Elliott style …

just my little hope for the day.Anyhow, my beloved friend Wendy ( who can be found at ) got me thinking about one of my favorite topics. Flirting.I’ll admit it – I’m a total flirt … to steal a line from Todd ( cause GOD knows he’s stolen hundreds from me ) I’m a shameless flirt. I flirt with everything and almost everyone. I almost never really mean it ( note the “almost” ) there. Sometimes the flirt is just extended eye contact – or touching someone while I talk to them … sometimes it’s full on sorta quasi sexy talk … just cause it’s fun.But thinking about this made me wonder … does it get people in trouble – like thinking the flirt is serious….. and when I ponder it - I’m betting more women take it seriously than men do. Then men I flirt with seem to know it’s a joke, or lighthearted, or only sorta serious. I’ve heard some women talking after they were flirting…and they said things, like “I hope he didn’t think I was serious” or “ I was playing, but he was serious”UM, no he wasn’t. He was playing along.

You can tell when it’s real, it feels totally different – and if you can’t tell the difference – you’re either dead on the inside … or he’s a psychopath- and actually either is quite possible.I mean flirting is just plain fun. Take this morning for example, I was walking from the break room to my teeny wee cubicle ( which Jack calls a “cuticle” … we love that) and there were 2 men standing in the hall way – so I spoke and said, “look at this - 2 gorgeous boys for me to look at first thing in the morning – how’d I get so lucky” … to which one replied “ the question is, how can I get lucky” …… that my friends is called playing along … made me laugh – and we all know I love the laugh.

It can get painful when the flirt is only sorta a flirt – like when you mean EVERY thing you say – but you know it will never happen due to life, situation, whatever … but even then it’s still sorta fun.So ladies, fling your hair, apply lipgloss, touch then on the arm when you’re talking to them, and say something tacky … that could be taken as a comment or have a sexy-ish meaning…and enjoy the flirt back.It’s just flirting. Fun. Playing. Silliness.

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