Monday, October 18, 2004
10/21/04 - 10/18/04

Thursday, October 21, 2004
How to make Allie happy // What makes Allie happy


2. Bring me creamer for my coffee ... from up the street...cause we're out of it here.

3. Wake me up with sweet little kisses ( from either boys, or in this case - my dog )

4. Have the new sort cool radio station here talk about Mraz - then play his music.

5. Tell me

a. i look good

b. you can tell i'm losing weight

c. my hair looks like it's really getting longer

6. Suprize me by having lips shaped post it's on my desk cause you know i love the lips stuff

7. Tell me you love me back

8. Tell me about the new man - BEFORE THE 3rd DATE ...

9. You be happy and chances are I'll get happy too.

10. When the Wal-greens became an open for 24 hours store.

11. Leave me cute messages on my voice mail

12. Tell me I smell good.

13. Have Crystal Light Lemonade on sale.

14. Finding money in the bottom of a purse.

15. Offer me one of your juice boxes

16. Laugh at my funny stories.

17. Leave me a comment on this thing.

18. Know some obscure comedy routine ( that i know too... and we can laugh together )

19. Singing along LOUD in the car

.20. When the Braves win

.21. Clinique bonus time

22. Fried Zucchini at The Vortex

23. Have ice cold beer in frosty mugs

24 New keyrings

25. The movie "viva las vegas"

26. when i use this purple pen with purple feathers at the top that ashlee gave me last year

27. When my goddaughters tell me i'm they're favorite

28, actually, when anyone tells me i'm their favorite

29. watching mike do wind sprints at the dog park

30. that "new purse" smell

31. brewster's pistachio ice cream

32. wearing my tiara

33. talking on the phone with friends

34. sexy shoesand my friendships with all of you ....

evidently i'm sappy today.yay me.


( ps - you're my favorite, don't tell the others )
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My name is allie, and I’m addicted to the internet

.Our server was down until just about 10 minutes ago – and if I go to my happy place, I think I can make the shaking stop.

Who knew I need to check in on so many things on line…I have to see what my queens are up to…what the diaryland people are up to …. Check 300 different emails …. And of course see if Jason Mraz updated his journal…I LOVE when he does that!So now that I’m a little caught up – I’m doing my own little circle of the ‘net and blogging away.

Well, mike’s “birthday” was last night – I know it sounds sad and pitiful to some people - but to those people I say “ toss off wanker “ he’s my damn dog – and if I wanna do something special – I can. And I will. And I did.

i’ve been in the weepy place lately – I’m not sure why – I’m not hormonal at the moment, and honestly the ‘zac has really curtailed the crying jags. I have a friend ( well 2 actually ) who is going thru some real serious and life changing stuff right now – and I’m so worried about her .. I almost can’t see straight. Hell we all are … the “numbers” especially….and I think I’m going to let it manifest into a full on pity party on Sunday – I’m thinking church might not happen and a pity party might …wait.


I’m planning to have a pity party? Ok – this is why I write things down – how horrible does that sound – planning to let the blues get me …..yeah, I can’t do that. We’ll see what Sunday brings on Sunday.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
i thought of one good thing.

It's mike's birthday "today" ... see he's a rescue dog - and the woman i got him from said he was born in October ... so 3 years ago i decided it was on the 19th ..... ( cause that's when i could arrange the party ) ... so today, my puppy is 3 years old. yay mike.i hope he lives 300 more .... cause i adore that shedding ball of fur.
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Not Wordy
i got nothing today. not that anything bad is going on. just can't think of anything i feel like blogging about.
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Monday, October 18, 2004

ok, first of all, if you didn't ready friday's "empathy" entry - please do. comment or not...but i was in full on rant formation when i wrote that one... i think it's good...but today is another day .

.and it's a hot fuckin' day. the heater here is broken ... it's broken ON...and for those of you who know me ... you know i HATE being hot.

We're talking curl falling out of hair, make up melting hot ... no coffee drinking ... iced water drinking instead hot. hotter than hell hot ( here's the nod to my boys in charlotte ) ... turn up all them eyes on the stove lid and roll around on it naked, now that's hot. and that's hell...on a GOOT day.

ok, but other than that things are ok. i re-joined the 18th century this weekend and got a cell phone. so that's cool, i can now be one of those people talking on the phone while driving that i bitch about.

I'm not that much of a TV junkie. I mean i watch plenty of it, but i like non network-y stuff usually ( except for the Law & Order stuff of course ) but this show "Desperate Housewives" has me hook, line, and sinker. And where i live ( atlanta ) Will and Grace is on for an hour afterwards ... sometimes life is really good. I HAVE to know what's the deal with the body in the trunk and the story of the woman who died .... and i have to encourage terri hatcher to eat something. Pork preferable, with double cheese, and double mayo ... cause DAMN she's a little too thin,

So, my dog's birthday is tomorrow - and i think i'm going to make him a cake - cause i'm that silly like that...and it's cake ..... cake is always a good idea. At least in my world it is.

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