Friday, October 15, 2004
10/15/04 - 10/13/04

Friday, October 15, 2004
It's called fucking EMPATHY.

Not asking for comments – not asking for no comments either – I just need to write for a moment. How different can someone be from you and you can still be friends? Not in the hey how ya doing kinda way – but in the I not only hear you, I feel you, I respect you, and honor your opinion …
I have friends ( my best one for example ) who is SO very different from me on so many levels…but we have this comfort level of what we have agreed to disagree on and not discuss. Like politics – I’m a liberal democrat and damn happy to be one….she’s uber conservative republican….so guess what – we don’t talk politics too much.Some people don’t understand how she and I can be so close with our ideas and ideals SO different – but we are.

I don’t make her wrong for her thoughts…she doesn’t make me wrong ( although we all know she’s wrong ) We attend different churches, mine is much more metaphysical in the interpretations of the Word, while I also have some quite traditional thoughts … she goes to an old money traditional church – yet we’ve both visited each others.. and neither one of us is wrong.I’m dunno – I’m just thinking..pete asked on a survey if we claimed ourself a democrat did we ever take advantage of a social service program…and mentioned unemployment as one. So, my answer is yes. I was on unemployment while I was looking for another job – I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with that AT ALL. I also have worked in social services for the last 11 years professionally and for 4 more before that while in college and have seen both the people who pulled themselves out of a terrible situation because of the assistance provided by a service organization … I of course have also seen people work the system.

The question was presented ( not by pete, just in conversation )that do I think people are stupid and cannot take care of themselves so the government has to … no of course not. But I also think many people aren’t as fortunate to be born into and raised in the kind of family I have. See I’m 34, my parents have been married for 37 years. They have known each other since high school. Mom was/is a stay at home mom and dad worked outside the home. For God’s sake, he drives a shiny Mercedes and mom, a Volvo. They live on a golf course and dad plays golf every weekend. ( and they are both liberal democrats too - much to the chagrin of club members)I grew up in an upper middle class family of privilidge, I think some of the privilidges I had that others can only dream of means I need to assist/help/serve those less fortunate. It’s because I had such a good childhood, I want to help.

Have you seen the face of a child at a soup kitchen so thrilled for a piece of cake that they almost explode. For a fuckin piece of cake. Or held a woman’s hand and told her it will be ok and you’ll help her after her husband/boyfriend/baby daddy has beaten the holy shit outta her. Have you sat by the side of someone dying from aids who’s family has turned their back on them? Have you sat in a hospital and rocked a baby that was abandoned or the born HIV+ ….part of me thinks everyone of you should – and the other part hopes you never have to.

And the discussions on stem cell..i think in the abstract it’s easy to say what you think you might think about a certain situation. But what if it was your son/daughter/friend that you sat and watched lose their legs and functions and knew that some research that has already been started could change that.

I’m not a sucker or a sap, I’m a realist. I know that it’s choices made and not made that have put people in many positions where they need assistance. I know I didn’t choose to get fired. I also know if I didn’t have parents willing to make payments for things – I’d be in line for those free social services too .. I wonder how many of us wouldn’t.

I think why she and I can be such tight friends is cause she and I both have fucking empathy. Can actually look at both sides, realize we might be wrong, and are willing to listen. It’s not a contest to see who’s the best Christian. It’s not a contest to see who God loves the most.
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So it's FRIDAY!
It's friday ... and it's COLD out!!

If you either don't like the cold ... or live somewhere where it's cold a lot, you might not understand my sheer JOY with this little tidbit of information.

I love the cold, i love fall ... and i'm THIS close to actually getting up and doing a little happy dance ... wait ... i think i AM going to get up and do a happy dance. There, that's better.(we sometimes do the i don't give a damn dance - which is also fun - when you can get your little aisle of cubicle mates to sing along ... I don't give a da-am)

anyway, where was i ... oh yes, it's cool out - was like 45 degrees when i left the house this morning...and i swear the sheer joy i feel from that is downright silly. i want to fire up ye old fireplace, get some hot chocolate ( real, cooked on the stove - not that envelope instant crap ), get a kick ass book, and crawl up in the sofa under a quilt that someone's ( read: MY ) momma made by hand. And since i don't have to work tomorrow ... that may be exactly what i do...anyone wanna join me?? I'll have cookies ... and i'm sure my wonderful dog will lay on your feet to keep you warm...

..let's see what's the other latest ... #3 sc is in texas right now -and will see her beloved hubby ( who is WAY ASS CUTE might i add - and i have a picture of him touching my boobs - but that's another story ) today ... and i'm thrilled for her with that ....

I talked to #3 ky last night - she's pretty if my number people are ok ... i'm ok.It's been an interesting week of politics over at pete's site .... and uncle T stole my music idea and had some cool songs listed ... did anyone notice besides me that after like the first 4 songs or so - the rest was in alphabetical order .... anal or was his just looking at his songs loaded in the MP3 player ....i'm feeling rambly this morning - so i' m sure i'll come back later with more - but this is all i have for ya!
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Thursday, October 14, 2004
yesterday was my 69th post

and i let it go by without any kind of childish comment about it - so i think i should correct that right now .... hee hee 69, that's funny, hee hee

.ok. glad i got that out of my here's allie on the bummed train, i was signed up for 2 saturdays of overtime .. and they were just cancelled. this my friend sucks rocks ... cause momma a. needs the money and 43. was going to go to NC to see my very favorite gay boyfriends who treat me like the queen i am ( and vice versa actually ) so i'ma need someone to a. come visit me and b. send me some money ... cause i had that considerable amount of money earmarked for some important stuff - like say the mortgage.

goddamnit. so one of my people need to come see me .... NOW.But other than that, it's a pretty good day. I had a last minute date last night, and watched most of the's good to watch with someone who hates the Yankees as much as i do, and the sorta sweet thing about this guy is that he's so shy - he's not forward or handsy at all...and last night that was a good thing, cause i was in the mood for a friend, not to ward off pawing. A simple hug and kiss at the door was enough. so we'll see where this one goes...

.. i also made cookies for a co-worker last night - i have become the cookie woman of the office - and for good reason, i make DAMN good cookies ( so if say someone was to come see me, i'd make you cookies... and i have milk...and it's supposed to be rainy and cold... good weekend for cookies and milk and a rockin sofa .... i'm just saying )OH AND OH AND OH ... jackie and brian are having a baby - how cool is that ( ) i'm very excited ... and again, i'd like to say how great i think the name allison is ( spelled with 2 l's of course )

ok, back to me .... i talked about "where are we?" with Johnny 5 the other night and he says he wants to be friends ( with unmentioned benefits) - since we're in different states now, and we only see each other once a month or so - which, on one hand i'm totally fine with- he has become a good friend that i can confide in, and i've seen him naked ....and he smells good... so that's good ..... and on the other hand ....i'm ready for someone full time - so as always, allie's love life is a little murky at the moment ..

..sidebar ( approach ){thanks stace} i'm listening to the 80's channel on yahoo radio - and they're playing Pat Benatar .... why don't they play her old GOOD stuff ... and not always spinning love is a battlefield....oh, and again, musical thanks to #3kentucky ..... her cd with Brian Setzer is the ONLY reason i'm awake at the office - i listened to that song about 3 times to wake it up...the bad news was - there were grounds in the coffe this morning KACK - the good news is that i had a bagel with cream cheese and honey. i'm trying to be happy with the little things, and that is today's little thing. ( excellent hair and great rack notwithstanding)love you all my peoples!allie
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
past life

i think i musta been some kinda musician in a past life.

i know most people love some kind of music and it does cool things for their soul. but i think i have more of a connection to music than most people ( #3 kentucky notwithstanding ) i sometimes get tickled at the effect music seems to have on me

. i can go from sad to happy in a second ... and vice versa. i think it's cool how a certain Jimmy Buffett song can take me back to that second when my first college "in love" boyfriend kissed me. I can smell the cigarettes in the air, and i can actually feel his "smile pressed against mine". I remember my first french kiss at a teen club here in town while Madonna's "Crazy for you" played .... and i can remember looking into the eyes of a man i love/d while we both listed to "how can you mend a broken heart" and last night was fun and sorta silly. see, in addition to music - i also LOVE bubble baths, i take one every night ( can you tell i don't have kids? ) and often times i'm also yakkin on the phone while soaking, and last night i called #3 ky - and she played Jason Mraz covering elton john's "Rocketman" and let me listen. This almost took me to the crying place - i love that song. it makes me feel close to my dad .... the doobie brother's black water does too.

I love to find out about the kind of music a person identifies with or what kinda music phase they're in...i love when someone says "i love ......." and it's something that either i never would have expected or it's someone sorta odd that i love too. I don't know about other teams or stadiums but here at Braves games - when a brave comes up to bat - they play a "theme" song he's picked - like Chipper's is Back in Black i think ....... and Andrew Jones is Welcome to Atlanta. Now one of the funniest things you'll ever see is a 70 year old pot bellied white guy singing - "welcome to atlanta where the players play" .. tell me that didn't just make you smile.

But i was just thinking about how important music is to me and how much of my life i spend listening to it or singing. Church, karaoke, in the car, on the phone - where ever ... i love it. Unfortunatly or fortunately - i have 2 dear friends that are AMAZING several groups around town and i will think " wow, i'm pretty good" then hear them ... and i'm then "yeah, not so much"but i was thinking of some of my favorite songs ... there's no WAY i could list them all - i'd be here all day - and as soon as someone mentioned one - i'd be OH I LOVE THAT ONE TOO! but a quick list of some of my favorites ... all time.. and right now ... and for memories they bring back.... here goes
* Tempted - by Squeeze
* Little Bird - Stevie Ray Vaughn
* Ain't no Way - Aretha Franklin
* Unexpressed - Patti Lu Pone
* You and I - Jason Mraz
* For the Good Times - Al Green
* Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks
* Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - Big and Rich
* Meeting in the Ladies Room - Klymaxx
* Love Cats - The Cure
* Carolina in my Mind - James Taylor
* Ghost - Indigo Girls
* Emotion - Bee Gees
* Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison
* Father and Son - Cat Stevens
* Strokin - Clarence Carter
* Get Down on it - Kool and the Gang
*All at Sea - Jamie Cullem, Cullum, Cullom. something like that
* Waterloo - ABBA*Enid - Barenaked Ladies
*Any Marc Anthony salsa

**** so of course i've thought of a million more - so i'm adding a few
* Russians - Sting
* Thru the fire - Chaka Khan
*Feel like Makin Love - Bad Company ( i went to school in south georgia)
* You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi ( sorry )
* Black Betty - NO IDEA
* Any Who or Led Zep
* Baby did a bad bad thing - Chris Issak
* Angel from Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt
*Never take the place of your man - Prince ...
* Blackbird - The Beatles

ok i'm stopping again - but i'm sure i'll add more inand a gabillion other ones i'm sure i'll think of and have the urge to post .. and i just might later.

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