Thursday, October 07, 2004
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Thursday, October 07, 2004
feeling fallish

Ah Fall.

It’s official.

It’s fall in the world of Allie. Leaves are turning, Halloween decorations are out, chai is being consumed, the crock pot has been brought out of hiding, college football has started, the Braves are losing post season games, and the #1 way I can tell fall has flung.

I have on stockings today.

I actually do NOT have on some kinda strappy sandal today. Now don’t get me wrong – they’re still high heels and I’m still FABULOUS – but they are in fact closed toe pumps complete with stockings. I know this prolly doesn’t mean anything to the boys ( unless they just like a good shoe conversation ) or to the poor women who have to wear closed toe shoes or stockings all year long ….. but to me this is something.

nd at the moment … it’s all I have.

Work has been INSANE this week, I have appointments all day long every 30 minutes … and it’s crazy. So, a moment of happy comfy cute feet is a good thing …. That and I brought leftover pizza for lunch - things could be worse …..I’m date free again this weekend, and Johnny #5 ended up not having to come to town tonight – which is actually a good thing .. cause he has enough to do for his training. He’s in the National Guard, and his unit is supposed to be headed “in country” in January – and he’s going to tank commander school for 2 weeks. I’m excited for him, cause it’s what he really wants to do, but last night in conversation he mentioned something about dodging bullets in January, and that really scared me. I mean, he’s a good kid, and I mean kid, he’s 25. We talked and I asked him not to be Johnny Macho Bravo American, and to keep his mind clear while he’s there and to please be safe – I’m scared for his momma. I’ve never even met her – I’m scared for all the mommas….

Ok, enough of that …. I need someone to riddle me something.

See, I work on one floor of the building, but when we meet with clients – we meet on another floor in one big cube farm. Now there are of course no walls in this space – and there is ( of course ) a “meeting room” on the other side of a ½ wall. Where at this moment there is a class of about 50 LOUD people going on. I have to ask my clients 3 and 4 times to repeat themselves .. and the people facilitating the class seem NOT to care.

I’m close to snapping. But instead I’m going to Moe’s for lunch for the giganto burrito. Cause they are yummy. And because I can.
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
#3 sc did it, so i have to too...

here's a list of little known ( possibly ) facts about moi.
*I started coloring my hair in 7th grade ... and never stopped
*I know ALL the lines to the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter"
*I have seen Barry Manilow in concert.
*AND Henry Rollins
*I have seen both "Toad the Wet Sproket" and "Hootie and the Blowfish" 7 times
*I have NEVER seen Al Green
*I STILL like n*sync
*I only like to eat chinese food with chopsticks
*I am an only child
*I'm a little scared of little tiny dogs
*I wear black everyday
*Cause I look good in black
* My friends are doing ALL THEY CAN to get me to not wear so much black
*I am terrible with money
*I don't really like cats too much
*I was recently bitten by a cat and had to go to the dr twice for it
*I'm starting to get scared that i'll never get married
*I'm also trying not to worry about it
*I love amber scented things
*I've seen EVERY episode of Law and Order
*I named my dog after a character on Law and Order
*I LOVE the American Chopper show....
*I can't stand will not stand won't stand tomatoes
*I love ketchup*I wasn't supposed to have 2 first names
*I go by my middle name
*Only my friends call me "allie" my parents never have
*I have had an affair with 2 married men
*One i honestly didn't know was married
*One...I'm still working off karmic debt about
*My dog will only play with other black dogs at the park
*I can cook indian food better than any white girl should be able to
*I shook President Clinton's hand
.*I would gladly "shake" more :)
*I called in "ugly" to work after an unfortunate hair cut
*I met my last 2 long term boyfriends online
*I met some of my best friends in the world online*
I have never flashed for mardi gras beads
*I have flashed cause it's funny
*2 of my best friends are a lesbian couple
*When i met them, one was bi, and the other was married to a man
*I'm the only white girl in my office
*I was in a really terrible wreck in college.
*I am now paranoid about sleeping in cars
*I can only sleep in a car if my daddy is driving
*I'm 34 and still call him daddy
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I'm gonna need a judges ruling on this ...
Actually I have no idea what i'm going to write about this morning - not that that in itself is so very different than any other morning ....

but here goes ....
SO those convention people are in town still...and the traffic guys did the basic RUN FOR YOU LIFE THE SKY IS FALLING panic. So I get ready in a timely manner - take mike for his 10-15 minute walk and leave for the office at 7am ... a full 15 minutes early. I don't have to be at work until 8:15 - and i REfuckingFUSE to leave any earlier than 7. SO what time did i pull in the parking lot at work - yup - 7:25.
What the hell is that about .... anyway - so i got here early - and considered taking a quick nap - but decided to do this instead .... aren't you all thrilled.
So I have another day chock full of appointments today - and I also have cramps - so i'm hoping that I don't have to go off on yesterday.

This old woman told me she was going to call Clark Howard and the NAACP on me ... to which I asked her if she had their numbers or would she like me to get them for her ..... I'm hoping Jesus calls her home soon. And I had to lecture another client she's 22 years old with .. this is lovely ... a 6 yr old, 4 yr old, 2 yr old, 1 yr old, and is due in January. Yup you read that right.

Now, I a 34 year old, college educated, home owner, loyal voter, can't seem to get it together enough to have a baby, but she has 5. This is on the list of things that God is going to have to explain to me, cause i sure don't understand it.But until the real person baby comes...I still have the kickin-est dog on the planet.

And i love this part - since it's FINALLY getting cool at night - i've been sleeping with the windows open - but i still have the ceiling fan on .. and mike cuddles up right next to me ... last night he did what i call the "long lay" which just means he was stretched out up next to me instead of curled up in the "doughnut sleep" which lemme tell you- is just about my favorite thing in the world ... you know what IS my favorite thing ... I was talking to a friend on the phone, eating chocolate chip cookies in bed, while my dog was all cuddled up ... i dare you to top that - it just plain can't be done.
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
stayin late and updating...

well not exactly updating -cause nothing of that must interest happened to me today worth talking about ...but i was complimented time and time again on my new sexy shoes .. so that's worth a yay.

so here's a question. this came up on the morning radio station here the other day, and we've been talking about it at work ... i'm gonna try to break it down pre-k style and tell me what you think.there are 2 couples in this story - i'm gonna call then 1. fred and wilma and 2. betty and barney ,these couples are both married .... fred and wilma are fighting and generally not happy with each other at the moment... fred steps out on wilma ......wilma is furious and heartbroken and all that jazz .... FRED tries to make himself look better and says well hell BARNEY had an affair the first year they were married ........the question then becomes does WILMA tell BETTY that she knows BARNEY cheated on her.My answer to this was no. It's none of wilma's fucking business what happens - and it's not her place to tell betty what happened ....... but this "wilma" does tell ... and now both couples are getting divorced and the guys are talking to each other anymore questions are now ...1. why did the guy try to cover his ass by ratting out his friend2. why would someone want to cause more misery to her friend my telling about something that happened like 4 years ago3.


ok i'm done = going home .... i'll be looking for your answers later

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