Thursday, September 30, 2004
09/27/04/ - 09/30/04

Thursday, September 30, 2004
hands up - who missed me?!?! .

coffee - first cup
music - jason mraz - wating for my rocket to come
hair - excellent, workin' the french braid ... slutty libraian look don'tchaknow.

ok kids ... i'm back.

not that i was really gone anywhere before - i came into work late yesterday - and when i cleaned up/out my computer i managed to lose my password for this damn blog ....anyway.big major huge thanks for the prayers. they worked ( as they usually do ) my girl, while still plagued with her medical issues ... was a. given the all clear for getting pregnant ( YAY!!! ) and her condition may not worsen from where it is for a long time ... go see this in her words

i'm so happy i almost don't have the words to express if that worked for my #3 - let's send sister sunshine some hot water juju ... and perhaps a hurricane stay the fuck away from her juju as well

and question....when your breaks make the screeching noise even when you're NOT in the process of slowing down -is this a bad thing? yea, i was afraid of that ... so if anyone knows how to fix a honda...please come on down - i'll keep you supplied in beer - and maybe even put out for ya. oh who am i kidding - if you fix my car - i WILL put out.

so thanks to my diaryland boyfriend, i've learned all about women which is handy cause although i've been a woman all my life ( unlike ann's sibling who has been a woman for about 6 weeks - although that's another entry all together ) i was unaware of some of our inner workings...and i also learned some things about men - which makes me happy that at the moment i have a never met diaryland boyfriend, a boy "friend" that's been around for about a year, and a male dog ... and that's enough - cause he paints a pretty pale picture of the species.

so here's a question, am i the ONLY person in america who doesn't watch reality tv? i never know what these morning radio station shows are talking about ... i know that right now i'm on the phone like a 14 year old at night with the nightly checking in with all the "numbers" and various people so i'm not watching all that much tv at all ( will and grace reruns notwithstanding - cause, come on people - every smartmouthed girl needs her daily intake of Anastasia Beaverhousen ) but i didn't know big brother was over, didn't know survivor was back on, and i'm sure there are a gabillion other " eat something gross, shave something completly off, smack and old person, make a child fall down" shows around. I think i'm gonna work on creating my own reality show from what i can tell i need these following things in it.

1. one really mean bitchy yet beautiful woman
2. someone southern who can't make their subjects and verbs agree
3. one gung ho, johnny american
4. one beautiful yet gullible man, who will do anything to make the beautiful bitch love him
5. really disgusting things to eat
6. or nothing at all to eat
7. one person who insists on being naked
8. one hottie who claims to be a virgin
9. one person that curses all the time
10. one person morally offended by this
11. one person who smokes all the time
12. see # 10
13. one person who doesn't know any gay people, black people, jewish people etc
14. loud and proud people of any group the other person has no exposure to
15. country mouse and city mouse
16. elimination competition that only a man could win ( erections? )
17. elimination competition only a woman could win ( menstruating?)

lemme keep thinking on this.. i think i'm on to something.oh and check this ... a co worker just brought me not one but two count them 2 pieces of ho-made RED VELVET CAKE suck on that suckers!
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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
title free blog

ok so i'm listening to REM, and can't think of a title for today's entry ... cause i have NO idea what it's going to be about ... and they were singing "radio free europe" ( from back when REM used to be cool ) so ... title free blog it is.

So i have this sorta helpless feeling today. I have a beloved friend who's going to the doctor today .... and will probably receive bad news... i have faith that she might not - but the signs point to trouble - and i fuckin hate that there's A. nothing i can do for her and 5. that i can't be there to hold her hand while she goes thru this .... so just send any prayers, juju, mojo, whatever you've got to my friend... God will know who you mean.

So it took over an hour to get to work again this morning ... i'm getting really tired of that ... i'm grateful to have a job.. believe me i am.. i remember what it was like to NOT have a job - and that sucks major rocks .... but this commute sucks major rocks too.... but i'm not here to bitch today anymore than you really wanna spend your time listening to me bitch ... so let's see what else is going on ..... I"m supposed to go to nashville to see some friends in a couple of weeks and i'm more excited about that - than i can tell you .

... and yay for me, she sent me goodies in the mail and i love goodies in the mail...they make me - this is an entry about nothing ... feel free to neither read nor comment - hopefully something funny will happen later that i can post about...

****ok so it's not that much later - but i'm feeling rambly today - so i'm gonna ramble somemore on here - cause damnit it's my blog and i want to ... but it's weird knowing that people read this - and some i love and respect more than chocolate covered chocolate ... ( not that i respect chocolate per se .. but you get my drift - and actually since i can sense the PMS fairy circling the building i DO sorta respect chocolate ) ...anyway... i sometime wonder just how honest i should be about it ... cause sometimes if i am real honest ... it makes it too real ... does that make sense ... so i do have some things that i'd sorta like to wonder out loud about .... and maybe one day i'll do that here more .... and maybe i'll just write them and keep them to me

.....i did have an excellent moment last night where stacey and i were laughing so hard it made mike leave the room ... that my friends is a good laugh!I'm having that unnecessarily tired day. I didn't sleep great ... and neither did Mike, I think it was the final storms of the latest hurricane coming thru ...

we both seemed to wake up a lot.and i need to go put gas in my car at lunch. and see, i work in downtown atlanta, where gas is like 12-15 cents more than at my house - but i don't think my car will make it home...i'm suprized it made it to the office .... so my lunch hour will be spent searching for some cheaper gas ... and for somewhere to eat lunch on 4's official. i need a hug. any volunteers?

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