Monday, October 04, 2004
10/01/04 - 10/04/04

welcome back.

Know what happens when you take a day off … 47 phone messages, and requests for files to be pulled for an audit and returning for 9 different appointments.
Ok so I’m tired, and borderline cranky. I’m trying to work past the crank factor…but it started this morning. In traffic.

Need I say more …. Of course I do.

So, my favorite bumper sticker in the history of all bumper stickers says this “Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks you’re an asshole” this describes my morning – there is some wackaloon, no wait, make that a freezedried wackaloon in town this week – and a gabillion old people are going there to be parted with their money in the hopes of salvation. ( ps – I like to think God would NOT choose as one of his very favorites someone with a combover. …. Which leads me to another question, if this fool can “heal” the blind, sick, and deaf …. How come he can’t talk to the big guy about getting some hair? )

I don’t understand this … put it on the list of things I don’t understand. I did learn this morning – that most old Christians can’t drive and they can’t read the signs that are posted ALL OVER THE FREKIN INTERSTATE to tell them where to get off to go give this man all their money ….. so they stay out of my way on the way to work.But at work I am….was late because of the Christians ( and please know that I AM a Christian and I’m all over the Jesus bus … I’m just saying ….) then get to work to an INSANE amount of cranky messages on my machine … a gabillion appointments, walk in’s, a cranky front desk woman …..

I can tell I’m gonna need to punch someone in the face today … it’s just that day….. Thank all that is good and sparkly that I got a kick ass hair cut yesterday and I’m wearing the sexy momma shoes … which I’ve gotten NOTHING but compliments on or I’d have to do something drastic. So, while my next appointment is late – I’m writing a blog entry – good use of time don’t cha think…of course you do.

So I’ve decided some things.

1. I’m done with all political conversations, with anyone for any reason. I’m not gonna change anyone’s mind, no one is going to change mine and it just pisses people off – so I’m done with those.
2. I’m so aware that Johnny #5 isn’t “the” one … and I’m also aware that I’m not sure who “the” one is…..cause if it truly WAS the one I thought it was … he’d be mine … but he’s not … so to quote my beloved Wendy – I’m movin on … yay to me. ( and Johnny #5 thinks I’m sexy and fun and funny and all the jazz – so why not keep him around a little bit longer … )
3. I do in fact have the best girlfriends in the world….ones that I can cry with and one’s that trust me enough to cry on my shoulder – and I love them for that and so much more. And
4. that mike and I are quite thrilled that pete’s pupper abby is doing well – and I’ve decided NOT to tell mike that abby is getting a new sister – cause I don’t’ want him talking about wanting one – cause that AIN’T gonna happen.So anyway…that’s all I have for the moment – I’ll come up with more if it strikes me – and if not .. this is what you get …. Do with it what you will.
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Monday, October 04, 2004
Hot Damn

This my dear friends is what we call a kick ass day.

I decided somehow last night to in fact SET my alarm clock but not to turn the sucker on ... so when i overslept - i decided ... yeah, this is God's way of telling me to take the day off ... so i just make biscuits and coffee and mom and i are going to see "garden state" this afternoon - then i'm going to decorate for halloween ..see my neighborhood decorated outside for halloween the way most do for Christmas ... and i LOVE that about my place. I have orange icicle lights, orange lights for the shrubs in front of the house and for the gas lantern ... decorations to hang in the trees...i can't wait for this - mike and i took a walk last night to see what the rest of the neighbors had done and what i needed to do to not be shamed.

And this past weekend was one of those where being single is the BEST. and I mean SINGLE no spouse, no kids, no deeds to do, no promises to keep.

It was all allie all the time.

I took lots of naps and LOTS of bubble baths .... lots of walks with Mike, and lots of talking on the phone with friends. And it looks like Johnny #5 might be back in the picture. If I talked to him once this weekend, I talked to him 30 times. He's going to be here for a night this week cause he's got some military paperwork to complete for some school he's going off to this weekend. So we'll see what happens with that - he's a friend at least. and sometimes naked friends are the best.

I had an off site meeting with work on friday - that was interesting - and another story all together....and saturday i had a function at church...which was a "blast" and sunday - was ALL allie ... love that - watched movies, ate popcorn, took naps, walked the dog. not too shabby.and in honor of jackie - i bought some SERIOUSLY sexy shoes...i put them on and said out loud "wow, i'd fuck me in these .... and a guy in the aisle said, so would I!!!" so you KNOW those came home with me - the cable bill can wait another week right? and what else - oh yeah, kickin i have excellent shoes, and the cutest feet in all the lands nowyay to me!

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