Friday, October 22, 2004
10/26/04 - 10/22/04

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
There are worse ways to spend a Monday night.

Ok so there I was.

I love stories that start that way. Anyhow, so last night I got home from work… and really needed a glass of wine, and if one glass is good – two is better right? I thought so too .. so I called “G” and sang Aerosmith to her – cause that’s what I do … then Christine called and we decided to go get some dinner at the local most excellent Mexican joint down the street … so fish tacos for two please…but no more alcohol … cause not eating and two GIGANTULAR glasses of wine … make allie silly ….

So anyway I was determined that someone was going to make out with me last night – and since Stacey totally refused to put her ass in the car and come see me ( nevermind the fact that neither one of us is gay or interested in women notwithstanding ) I decided to call that sweet man who I went out with a couple of times and he was too shy to kiss me – and I asked him if he wanted to come over and make out.Since he’s a normal red blooded American boy – of course he said yes …. And I spent the better part of the evening making out of the sofa …. Do you have any idea how much I like making out on the sofa not sex, not all that… just making out …MAN!

And I’m good at it too just so you know …. But this morning – I have beard burn … that’s not cute … men I can’t say this enough…even if you shave in the morning – if a girl ( ie ME ) says “wanna come over and make out” shave again please …consider this a friendly neighborly service message from your favorite allie …The best part was when my personal testosterone level kicked in…and I went to the boy “I’m done … it’s time for you to go” place … wasn’t cranky or mean about it at all- but I was at the place where I just wanted to kiss and cuddle, we did that and I was done … and in the immortal words of Deter … “ your penis has grown tiresome” …. So we said our good byes ….

We’re going out this weekend…..and I reverted to my 14 year old self and called Stacey to give her the report.Although I don’t think I told her one of the things he said to me – it’s one of the best things I’ve ever heard from a man. And most women will totally get this … I had my head on his chest and he was playing with my hair and said

your hair feels so good in my hands … and it smells SO good.

Ok, game over.

Kiss me now.

Don’t say another word to screw this moment up.

Just kiss me.
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Sunday, October 24, 2004
easy like sunday morning.

*** i'm just adding mondays information to the bottom of sunday's post .. cause i'm still basking in the glow of sunday ***

ok - so i've used this title before SO WHAT?!?

anyway - this has been just the best day so far.

FINALLYA day where i had no deeds to do and no promises to keep....feelin' groovy.

So, I bailed on church this morning - and mike the wonderdog let me sleep until after 9 am .... it was johnny #5 who woke me up ...and yay to him for that.....THEN i made a ginormous pot of coffee and sat in the living room with the windows open and a good book ... then long shower for me, pj's BACK on thank you very much ... Much Ado About Nothing was on one of those silly Encore stations - so I watched that, then Valmont came on ... YUM! love the english boys .... love the fancy schmancy movie....AND - triple chocolate chip cookies ..... then mike got a bath .... followed by a mani and pedi for allie ... dont' be jealous of me - actually do be jealous - if i wasn't me, i'd be jealous.

OK, I have to get on the apology bus. I think i was prolly over the line snarky to pete ... and I'll take the hit for that - maybe we can still be friends, maybe not - but i'm sorry for name calling - was inappropriate.

I am off to do some napping since i was so very very busy ( HAH ) this morning .... if i play my cards right - it will be time to get up right when it's dinner ... could be worse.again, sorry for being harsh .... and mad love to all ... some i have some sisterly love some - some it's a little naughtier - you know what catagory you fall into!!


i really hate that i had a cool ps on here and it got eaten by the blogger people- so i'm gonna try to recreate it ... good luck to me so as if today wasn't already excellent - they are showing sleepless in seattle and you have mail on tv ... i managed to take another bath ( i now have the softest feet in the universe ) ... mike got a bath so he smells like lavender .... pete accepted my apology like a grown ass man...and he gets MAD respect for that...and i now understand what he was saying earlier....and because of his mature behavior - i'm TOTALLY showing him my boobs!!!


Good morning my people ... i'm still so jazzed up about sunday - i ended up taking ANOTHER bubble bath ... and watching Desperate Housewives last night ... that's a most excellent way to end a weekend i must say....And I somehow JUST realized Halloween was in fact THIS weekend ... where have I been?! I mean my house is all tackied up ( yes, that's a word ) .... I just need to gather pennies together and go buy some candy .... and i'm sorry folks, it's gonna be cheap candy this year - i remember the first year i moved out of my parents house - i bought real size hershey bars .... but i lived in an apartment and NO ONE came ... foolish foolish mortals.... now i'm a homeowner and broke as a joke - so they're gonna be stuck with dumdums and tootsie rolls. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood - and they actaully bus kids in....cracks me up - but for me- halloween trick or treating is for the kids - and by 8:30- i'm turning the lights off and headed to my neighbors for some drinking ... cause that's what a grown up halloween is about.But riddle me this, WHO gives out rasins for halloween - those people deserve whatever happens to them.... RASINS?!?! sheesh!
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Friday, October 22, 2004

it's a good damn day

so it started as a potentially crappy day ( ie - allie slept late, like WAY - wow - do i have time to shower late )but as we all know - allie is NOT the kinda girl to leave the house unshowered ...
unless it's for a midnight krispy kreme or waffle house run...... ( sidebar - it cracks me up referring to myself as allie ... instead of me or i )

ANYWAY ... i get it together shower, shave, hair, makeup yadda yadda yadda ... leave the house a minute or two late ... BUT the traffic gods smiled upon me - and viola ... i'm at work EARLY.... so i'm in the break room talking with friends and one woman comes in with one of those damn ponchos that people are insisting on wearing ( you know the one's that look like your grandmothers throw cover ) any way i say something to the effect of " oh please tell me you're not wearing your grandmother's blanket as a shirt too " to which she says ... but i can pull it up and flash you my titties and she pulls the blanket up to show the shirt underneath ....

( hands up if you know where this is going )

so i OF COURSE have to say .... is this what we're doing today so i have to pull up my shirt and show my bra - to like all 4 people in the room and 2 men in the hall.I love a morning that starts with a flash. Puts a hitch in your giddiup for sure., I"m still grinning and laughing about yay to me.

I'm so glad today seems better...yesterday i was so on the lonely bus that i could hardly see straight ... i'm although i'm alone some - i'm generally never lonely feeling .... so when that pain in my ass shows up - it can suck.

The one high spot of yesterday was my cube farm mate - she did something so funny it made me go fetal ... it's something that won't translate to written word as funny - but trust me, was better than chocolate covered chocolate.

And the new boy - the last minute date last weekend .... he's got potential. We met earlier this year, and he had some things he needed to clean up/clear up before i wanted to spend some time with him.. and i think he has ... and i think he's on the way to smitten ... and there's nothing wrong with that. so i think i might need to spend some time with him this weekend ... i bet i can make that happen .... but tonight is going to be girls night ... sushi with the best friend hopefully

- and that my dear blogspot friends - does NOT suck.oh and here's something funny - republicans showed up at my house last night to campaign for some senate race .... mike tried to eat them ... pity too - cause the guy was HOT ... looked like JC... and you know how i feel about him ( at least #3 kentucky does ) ... and so far that's it ... i'll add more as i think of it ... cause i'm swell like that!

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