Friday, January 28, 2005
did you know ... i'm southern.

and they're calling for "winter weather" this weekend - specifically tonight and tomorrow...

so all good southern people know what i HAD to do last night.

go to the grocery store with everyone else and gather provisions.....

now before i get too ahead of myself ... lemme clear a few things up.

yes, i'm southern... all my people are southern ( if you call them your 'people' you're southern ), i have an appreciaion of pagents ( adults only please ), county fairs, any kind of fried food, a girl crush on Ms. Delta Burke, i know all the words to all the episodes of "designing women", sheriff Andy Taylor was the first crush i can remember, and as mentioned in a much earlier post - i do not shock when see that some has a squirrel on their a pet. as we say - i'm so southern i'm related to myself...that's a quote from Brett Butler - she went to my high school don 't ya know .....


i am not a nascar watching, cousin dating, dukes of hazzard missing, booger eating, ummm 'dem pigsfoots are lookin' mighty fine ... kinda girl. as long as we're clear on that .. i will say that i am originally from TEXAS ... and i have big hair....i also have a big ass, and i think i need the balance.....

ok - back to the topic at hand.

southerners and winter weather panic.

i myself come by this honestly. i have never lived anywhere that it snowed often, i have never driven in it - and i still don't. here, we tend to get ice storms and not so much snow -so i believe in keeping my fat ass at the house .... BUT i do participate in the 'pre-snow panic' .... except for me it's not panic - it's more of an excuse to go watch other people panic ... and to buy lots of junk food.

see here, if there is a CHANCE that we will get more that 1 flurry...the television stations start the panic with "storm watch, winter weather alert, storm tracker, yadda yadda yadda" and when that happens you're supposed to go to the grocery store and buy EVERYTHING, go to home depot and buy a generator and gas heater, and but all the blankets the stores carry. It's pretty funny to sit back and watch .... especially when you realize that at least here, almost NO ONE is from here ... they're all transplanted yankees who are freaking out .... saying how no one knows how to drive in this weather ( hint: all the southern people are at home watching television )

so - if you dare driving in the mess - come see me - i'll be in my toasty home with the dog ... eating brownies and curled up on the sofa watching movies .....

like coal miners daughter.

pop quiz...

how many ways are there out of the holler?
and what are they?

prizes to the winner...

posted by Allie @ 1/28/2005 11:07:00 AM


At 11:39 AM, Blogger Cosmo said...

I totally did that last week when it snowed here in DC! I had already stocked the fridge so just needed to go on a "junk run." Then, I stayed indoors and watched movies, read a couple of books, paged thru some trashy magazines, and ate chocolate chocolate chocolate! There was actually a traffic jam on the beltway the Saturday that the snowplows were trying to clear the road. You should have heard the state trooper freaking out on the evening news - We TOLD everyone to stay off the roads unless they ABSOLUTELY needed to get somewhere! There isn't this much traffic on the beltway on a weather-free Saturday, so we don't know where everyone thinks they needed to be TODAY!


Yep, my southern butt is at home at sight of the first flurry. I still don't understand why we're expected to come to work when all that's going on...I refuse to even buy a snow shovel cause then somebody might expect me to dig my car out. My reply - where exactly do you think I'm going with snow on the ground?

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Tasty said...

Coal mine, moonshine, movin' on down the line!

At 12:22 PM, Blogger Champagnelady59 said...

Honey nothing is different in the North. For crying out loud, in Chicago we average 50 inches of snow a year...but you'd think no one ever saw a flake. We got 18 inches last Sat and when I went to work the next morning, they didn't even have the streets plowed yet.

People 'stock up' even though most people live within 1/2 mile of a store and they could walk to a store if they needed it.

and they forget how to drive in the snow. I want a bumper sticker. "If this isn't your first winter in Chicago and you still can't drive STAY OFF THE ROAD"

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Allie#3ga said...




At 1:07 PM, Blogger Senior Thinking said...

so I live in northern cal and miss that shopping spree, we only wipe out the stores after the event, usually an earthquake.

I think we have it ass backwards on all fronts

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Tasty said...

You were gonna do that, anyway! :-)

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Allie#3ga said...

well yea. then there's that.

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Chaz B in NC said...

Greg said he would have entered but it wouldnt have been fair to anyone else b/c as you well know both you and he can quote the movie from start to end, including all the songs. Anyway best post ever!! Yeah quite close. We are doing the winter panic stuff today just b/c we want to see all the rest of them damned yankeeeees! See I know how to drive in the white stuff, grew up in West, By GAWD! so I aint afraid of no snow. Of course my happy ass has to get up and take the Big Gay Husband to work when this happens. Yes he grew up in West by Gawd too but his Daddy drove him everywhere. So he needs a little cheese with his wine when that happens! But anyway we would drive down but ICE, dont matter what kind of superman you think u are when driving ice is not so NICE!!! unless we talk diamonds, for they truly are a GURLZ best friend!!! Dont have one so wouldnt know, hint hint!!!

At 3:20 PM, Blogger amy said...

hollar? ain't that them darn hills or valleys or something like that sissy? getting out of the hollar? ain't that like getting yourself out of the moonshine something or other. i'm pretty sure this yankee here as heard that saying before. hmmm, am proud to be a yankee from blizzard hell in south dakota, your non-lesbian friend, inky

At 5:43 PM, Blogger se7en said...

hehe great post, nostalgia for Atlanta weather, weeee!!

so uhm watcha watching on the TV? anyway?

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Chloe's Passion said...

I love to hear how others handle the weather madness. In NC we get the Hurricane madness and I too love to go to the store and watch people buy all the bread, milk, cheese, and sandwich fixins that they can...forgetting of course that when the power goes out...and it will...your milk, cheese and ham and turkey ain't gonna do you a bit of good!

And I really love it when one of my neighbors goes out and purchases a really expensive generator, because that is one sure-fired way to guarantee that we are not getting any kind of weather activity that year and they spend the rest of the year bitchin' about how they spent all that money and never got to use it! It's happened every year for the past 4, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the couple across the street are going to follow through with their plan to go buy that generator they have been talking about!

Have a great evening and enjoy your brownies!


At 8:17 PM, Blogger christ*el #3tx said...

well shi-it.

if i get stuck at home, i have no excuse NOT to pack. but i do have groceries. not a lot, but groceries nonetheless.

and, i'll prolly show you both my boobs, too!

At 9:25 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

My big hair balances my big ass out too, hence the wide load sign attached.

At 9:28 PM, Blogger M'Ary* said...

Dude, I knew those answers too, and I'd better get to see those titties myownself. I already saw Tasty's. And Christel's.

And YAY, it's Chazzie from West By God. We girls gotta stick together. Love you bunches!


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