Friday, November 12, 2004
Know what burns my ass?

a flame about 3 feet high .....

i love that joke ... but seriously.... i have a list of things that are working my last fat nerve today and it seems that at the top of the list is people chiming in with their bullshit that have no dog in the fight.

i myveryown self had (well HAD is extreme) to take my other blog down because someone thought they could say just anything to me and i would take it ... fuckin shrinky dink ..... but it seems that one of my beloved friends is she herself in the middle of some of this crap, but - just like when you're in the hole .... all her friends are in this with her ... yay for the numbers!

ok - so what else .... it's rainy and icky here - and i'm supposed to hot tub tonight ... so i don't see that happening .... but i have a date tomorrow night with beard boy - so that should be fun.

here's another little insight into the world o' allie. i frekin love the fall - not a shock i know - cause i talk about it all the time - but you know the way most people get energized and hyped up in spring ? well that' s me in the fall - i'm ITCHIN to clean out my "studio" (aka sewing room, craft room, computer room ) and start painting until there is no paint left - and sewing until there's not a scrap of fabric left, and beading things until my fingers are numb...but first i need to do some cleaning out of that room - spring cleaning in the fall if you will... and i will .... and the sick thing is - i'm actually excited about that ..... so that's part of saturday's plan .... then sunday - i think mike needs to go to the dog park if the weather dries some of this crap out...cause we could use some running around in the cool fall air - and by running around - i mean he runs and i pretend to read and scope for cute boys.

speaking of scoping and cute boys .... we're all hoping that wendy makes it into full sluthood this weekend - so good luck to you - i'll be calling and checking in - so be prepared for that .....

oh oh oh and wendy and jackie and i are now life long email buddies - so be jealous of that ....
i have a feeling i'm going to ramble more today - so check back - chances are i'll have more pearls of wisdom to share ... i know you're all waiting with baited breasts!

ok song list for the morning

1. Liar - Henry Rollins ( Jesus jumped up christ, i find this man SO fuckin' sexy in such a scary way)
2. Black Coffee in Bed - Squeeze
3. Waterloo - ABBA
4. I hate you, why don't you shut up and fuckin' die - Original Song
5. Rand McNally - Jason Mraz
6. I'm Gonna Knock you Out - LL Cool J
7. Enid - Barenaked Ladies
8. Never Take the Place of Your Man - Prince

posted by Allie @ 11/12/2004 08:40:00 AM


At 9:41 AM, Blogger devilboss said...

I like fall too. But it's starting to feel like Winter here in Bluegrass Hell.

At 11:10 AM, Blogger M'Ary* said...

Another song for your list:

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Who sings that? I have no clue. I'm no good at knowing the names of actors or singers. Was it His Royal Smoothness Lionel Ritchie? I'm just guessing.

It's also soggy here in West By God. Which means that the dogs have muddy feet AND they want to lay around on the furniture. This is not a good combo.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Allie#3ga said...

rod stewart just did a cover of that - can you tell i'm NOT in my meeting ARGH!

At 11:26 AM, Blogger gonebabygone said...

I agree, strength in numbers. Friends who've got your back are good friends indeed. Of course, friends who you can call and laugh at the self-centered nature of this universe with may be even better.

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Allie#3ga said...

i don't understand what you mean by that one fishy.


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