Monday, December 05, 2005

So I went to Charlotte this weekend to visit the “main gays”.

I can’t say enough how much I love these boys (even when they get all Frances and Delores on me)

I think it’s safe to say that with these boy, I get unconditional love – and I give it right back – they make me wanna move up there so we can hang out more - cause this 3 or 4 times a year shit – is just that – shit.

But back to a trip re-cap.

I got there Friday in time for lunch … the messiest hamburger this side of texas – and enough fries to keep the farmers in Idaho in high cotton for a while. From there we did a little shopping ( duh ) and then we went ( in preparation for events later that evening ) to the quasi abandoned Heritage USA … you know the former haunt of Jim and Tammy Faye. It’s really quite creepy – it’s pretty much all in disrepair now – building with big holes in walls and roofs, and everything overgrown. A church has bought some of the property and is refurbishing it – but wow – it’s got a long way to go …. But from there, back home, loaded up the girls and headed to DRAG BINGO.

This my friends is truly a GAY old time. The theme was “the prom” so fancee ball gowns and tuxedos abound. And and and, if that weren’t enough – we were graced by a visit by miss tammy faye bakker messner herownself. She is about as big as a minute … she seems to be in pretty good shape considering all she’s been thru health wise lately – she called one of the games, crowned the queen of the prom, chatted some with the crowd, posed for pictures – and when the crowd called out …. 69 ….in response to the amount we were playing that game for - she wondered what the 69 meant …. The main queen said she’d explain it to her hubbie “roe” and to that tammy responded … “is it naughty” … could she BE cuter?

Saturday started with sleeping late and biscuits – that my dears is a great way to start a day – then more shopping ( this is where the “boy” part really kicks in, myself, I can only look at different tv’s/computers/cell phones/ etc – for about 17 seconds – then …. MOVE … but these are boys – so I wandered around some…..

Then more shopping – this time for handbags … MUCH more my speed – one pink and done red number made it home with me …. Then we had to prepare for Saturday night’s Old Fashioned Tree Trimming Party … yes that’s right..full of ho-made cookies, martinis, and giggles.

thanks boys, i adore you.

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