Wednesday, November 16, 2005
come into my office please.

Again with the stealing, but I think I might actually make a real live blog entry with this. While looking at the numbers blogs …(like an hourly thing) …and Stacey has posted her yearly performance evaluation.

I think I’m going to steal this idea…cause I’m a number, and that’s how I roll.

2005 Performance Evaluation

*I was present everyday. Sometime just in body and not in spirit, but this is my blog and that’s my answer so suck on it.

*I continued to ‘release’ people who were toxic to me ( that’s new age speak for “kindly asking the motherfuckers to either
a. fuck off
b. fuck themselves or
c. fuck whatever you want, just do it way fucking far away from me dealer’s choice on that one.

*I was a good friend, and allowed others to be good friends to me

*I had kickin hair, both long and short

*I continued to use the word ‘fuck’ as a noun, verb, adverb, and adjective.

*I went yet another year without eating SPAM

*I have another person to add to the “best friend” list

*I ate candy every day

*I colored my hair approximately 70 times ( seriously…. I know shut up )

*I changed my nail polish (conservatively) 100 times

*I went yet another year without a homicide

*I repeatedly went over my cell phone minutes –and still really don’t care

*I looked cute pretty much everyDAMNday

*I laughed out loud and HARD everyday – even the awful days, even on the way home from the clinic.

*Screened ALL incoming phone calls

*Continued to not answer the door if I wasn’t expecting company

*Was the best damn doggy mommie in the world

*Sang loudly and with no self consciousness in the car daily

*Was able to maintain a child like joy in terrible situations

And to quote my girl stace

I checked my email.

Thank you and goodnight.

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