Wednesday, November 02, 2005
lots o' little things

You are Snoopy!

Which Peanuts Character are You?

i stole that quiz directly from madley's blog .... as i am want to do....

favorite text message last night " bitch, are you crazy calling me during earl"

then when i called during a commercial, insane giggling on the phone ...followed by the best line ever - "you're gonna make me snort" - ah, the classics never die.

what makes a bad night a little better
last night was bad swing on ye old hormonal see-saw - "r" realized this, and brought me dinner, then sat on the sofa to cuddle me and let me literally cry on his shoulder...good people

new favorite sweet/a little too honest/weepy song
francis dunnery "Good Life"

Good LifeWritten by Francis Dunnery

Softly Now,
You owe it to the world
And everyone knows that you're my favourite girl
But there's somethings in life that are not meant to be
I'm not meant for you and your not meant for me
Here's to our problems
And here's to our fights
Here's to our achings
And here's to you having a
Good life
From Me
Good Life

Softer Now
,You owe it to yourself
And don't think that you will be left on the shelf
Cause there's someone for you
and there's someone for me
Like me you'll meet them eventually
Here's to your lover
And here's to my wife
Here's to your children
and here's to you having a
good life
From Me
Good Life
Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby

Louder Now,
You've lost all your pain
You're married with children
and happy again
And now I
'm regretting the move that I made
Fatal mistakes are so easily mad
eEnough of my problems
they only cause fights
Forget that I rang you
And promise
you'll have such a
Beautifully happy
painlessly romantic
Good life
From Me
Good Life

most recent YAY moment
taking that damn cartilidge (whatever) piercing out of my frekin ear ... DAMN, don't get one of those - they hurt like a fucker

that's all i got right now - more as the coffee kicks in

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