Friday, November 11, 2005
yet another stolen blog entry

because since i'm cutting down on sugar - i'm no longer able to think of things on my own...and i expect the others to follow - and the others know who they are....

More about me, that is right, I have nothing to do

1. Spell your first name backwards: N O S I L L A

2. Story behind your name: Not so much to tell - i go by my middle name, my first name is a family one - i was named after my maternal grandmothe ( and there's a story there ). I used to hate that name, now i love it.

3. How old are you: 35 motherfuckers ... choke on it.

4. Where do you live: Suburb of Atlanta...(on the good side)


5. Wallet - at the moment a black and pink Issac Mizrahi number - i'd like to say it's his "upscale" line - but it's the target one - it DOES not have one credit card in it - and at the moment it does have cash ... and an UTLA card, as well as a Sally's card though.

7. Toothbrush- Sonicare. I heart my Sonicare.

8. Jewelry worn daily- 3 stud earrings in the right ear, 2 in the left - plus whatever "main" earrings for the day longer that fuckin cartilidge pierce...silver thumb ring, and usually some piece of moonstone somewhere....

10. Pillow cover right now- 3 betty boop, 2 purple, 2 green - yes a total of 7 shut up

13. Sunglasses- big Nicole Richie like ones with rhinestones...or just plain black ones

14. Favorite shirt- Peanut's Superman shirt - or my old ragged out sweatshirt of comfort and joy

15. Cologne/Perfume- depend on my mood, pleasures, lauren, happy for me - anything that costs more than 13.95 a bottle for men...SIDEBAR- men, don't wear the "Axe" shit - it smells like old man ass and cabbage.

16. CD in stereo right now- Mix the Texan made for me

17. Piercings - ears

18. What you are wearing now- Purple Sweater, Black dress pants with the floopy leg, and black suede pumps

19. Wishing- not that i knew all the answers, but that i new what questions to ask

20. Wanting - not even sure

21. After this - seeing if stacey can get me off ..teehee

22. If you could get away with it and murder anyone who would it be? - Murder? no one. Mystery Illness....the list is fuckin long!

23. Person you wish you could see right now: The numbers (duh) Mark Ruffalo, Ed McMahn (sic) with a huge ass check for MEEEEEEEEEE

24. Favorite movie- too many to list

25. Something you're looking forward to in the coming week: One week closer to seeing Christel.

26. The last thing you ate- Carrot souffle (YUM)

27. Something you are deathly afraid of- Clowns, dying in a fire, the loss of a friend

33. Do you believe in love at first sight ? no, i do believe in sex on a first date though....that's gotta count for something.

38. What is the longest you've ever stayed up? 4 days

39. Can you eat with chopsticks? yes ,and when my hair is long - i can use then to put my hair up too.

42. What's something that you wish people would understand better- themselves.

43. What's something you wish you could understand better? serious moment - why people fight in the name of God - i mean really - would that make God happy? can God BE happy - or is that just a human emotion ... so so much to think on

44. What is something that you wish was still around? Extended family - closeby that is


46. How many people have you kissed? I have no idea - lots (and see below - i'm REAL good at it)- and all the numbers.

47 Would you sacrifice your favorite possession for your best friend- if they're my best friend I'd sacrifice anything, no questions asked, nothing expected in return. ( that's the same answer the woman who i stole this from had and it's dead on - one day christel was lonely - and i offered to send mike to her - THAT is love


51. Where is your favorite place to shop? Dunno - anywhere they sell lipgloss.

52. Have any tattoos- yup - one 9sided star and hoping to get another one over christmas

53. What is your favorite thing to wear- pj's

55. How much is the most you've ever spent on a single item of clothing- too much.

56.. Who is the least fashionable person you know? an unmention-albe coworker

60. What is the worst trend you see today- ugly trends. 12 year olds dressing like hookers

61. Do you do drugs- do - no. did? no

68. What would you change about yourself- I wish I had more focus, ambition and determination. Pretty much I wish I wasn't lazy. ( i'ma keep that answer too)

69. What are essentials in your life ? My friends, my family, dog, laughter, God, and last but NOT least - LIPGLOSS. .... oh and booze.

yes i see that there was a jump from question 61 to 68 ... and prolly other number errors in there too - but really, who cares?

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