Wednesday, November 09, 2005
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So, I think I’m actually gonna blog today. Which is no little thing, because while I have a notebook full of ideas ( but sadly I don’t know the exact number of pages in it NOR do I use the same color pen all the time ) nothing was moving me to the written funny.

I talk on the phone with Stacey pretty much every night – and we ALWAYS end up snorting with laughter like truffle pigs running from a Parisian street riot …. But when it comes time to sit in front of a blank screen, I got nothing.

This got me thinking – why am I doing this anyway, I have a “real” journal where I write the really personal in depth stuff – especially since the incident where people I used to be actual real life friends decided that my blog was a good place for name calling and to shit on me. ….. yeah, they no longer get to know the real stuff….and that’s ok too.

I’m one of those girls that finds the funny in pretty much everything – I can take any subject – no matter how terrible and find a way to laugh about it – I have to ….the day I don’t laugh is the day I actually die…so I guess I’m saying this blog is really a tiny partial bit of who I am…and I’ll try to bring back the funny as regularly as possible,

Not that this will be funny mind you – more of a warning that the funny is a-commin.

Sorta like that nutsac tension right before the (see above )

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