Friday, December 17, 2004
so at this point

it's either work, or blog.

and blogging seems to be winning. and here's my question about the wonderful world of the internet.

i love it.

i'm a fan of the e-mail, chatrooms, instant messenging, webcams, voice chat - all that jazz. i know that myveryownpersonalself and #3ky have assumed alter ego and played swat swat swipe with boys ( or we assume they're boys ) in chat rooms - one poor boy in an S&M room wanted us to own him... it got more than a little creepy so we took off ... but anyway - i think lots of people have alter egos and "real" screen names - my main yahoo id is pretty much my actual name. The profile is me, nothing added, nothing taken away, nothing indicating that i want a hook up. The "alternate" one is not really a too terribly tacky name - but it's got an 'ahem' interesting photo that does garner the tacky hey howdies ... and i'm ok with that too - that's sorta the point... and little ego boost ....

but back to my point... and i do have one .....

i'm online last night talking with a friend on the regular screen name... and i got an IM from someone who's name was something along the lines of BigHardCock4U. WHAT THE FUCK? has anyone ever seen that and gone - YES, i'm sure that's the one i'm looking for - cause if he say's it's huge - it's gotta be ..... then another guy IM'd with - 'married man visiting atlanta looking for real sex fun - perimeter area' ......ok correct me if i'm wrong - and i may be - but i'm hearing that what he's looking for is a hooker....and i guess if that's your bag - there's nothing wrong with that ... but - i'm not a hooker - and there's nothing in that screen name to imply that i would be a hooker .... and if i was - it wouldn't be for free mister - SOMEONE WOULD PAY.

just got me thinking is all ... does that actually work for a hook up?

posted by Allie @ 12/17/2004 03:58:00 PM


At 1:07 AM, Blogger se7en said...


uhuh I do not really like them messenger thingy's too much myself, too distracting when im busy trying to surf for po err research material and other boring stuff © lol


cajun cowboy

At 1:29 AM, Blogger evilsciencechick said...

Hi! Found you through Seven. I'm in atlanta, too!

and YES I have gotten those IM's. I might have even gotten some from BigCock4U. My "ignore" list is impressive. What worse is clicking on their profile. AAAAAGH! they're nekkid from the waste down. bleah! too creepy. this is why I'm usually logged on as "invisible."

At 5:13 PM, Blogger Tasty said...

Yup, my ignore list is impressive, too. My favorite thing to do is say the thing Bitchcakes and I came up w/ one day, "Allow me to introduce you to the 'ignore' button. And have a nice day."


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