Wednesday, December 15, 2004
fat bottom girls make the rockin world go round.

so i think i abused my dog this morning.

not in a bad way - or in a farmer way either .... but in a sorta fun - this just might be worth being late for work kinda way.

see, my dog sleeps on my bed with me ( no shock there i'm sure ) and every morning i sit there and pet him for a few minutes before i get up to start the day. this morning i sat up ( and mind you it's pitch black in my room ) and as i'm rubbing his belly - i notice those cool ass little static electricity sparks .... and i COULDN'T STOP RUBBING AND PETTING HIM .... it was like my own little acid induced light show - but i wasn't on any drugs and could control the show. it was fascinating .... and yay- now i have a new hobby.

so anyway on to the subject at hand ... cubicle farms... as i look around my very own wee cubicle i see how someone could look in it and get a sorta clear idea of who i am ... as i inventory the toys and decorations and all here's a partial list.

1. bumpersticker - "fat people are harder to kidnap"
2. cartoon of 2 men at a bar and one is saying "i used to give a damn, but now they have a patch for that"
3. lots of pictures of the #3's ... and a 4 or 5
4. lots of pictures of mike
5. pictures of my goddaughters - at my birthday with my krispy kreme doughnut cake
6, mirror with glitter around the frame
7. cards from friends
8. a cartoon of a woman and a dog where she says " sit, stay, make up for everything that is wrong with my life"
9. a sign that says "there are no bubble baths in prison"
10. Kerry/edwards stickers and a clinton/gore button
11. a maya angelou poem ( and not the one i bet y'all are guessing it is)
12. an irish blessing that says " may the sun always shine on your window pane, may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. may the hand of a friend always be near you, and may your heart be filled with gladness to cheer you"....( i can't decide if that's sweet enough to be sweet - or sweet enough to make me wanna gag)
13. a basket full of lipgloss
14. actual work related crap.
15. purple pen with feathers on it that ashless gave me like a year ago ... i love that damn pen
16. hand sanitzer crap ( i work with the great unwashed)
17. really tacky post it notes
18. a tiara, yes really a tiara.
19. and various christmas cards....
20. a black lab "budda"
21. and a 'Mr. Right'- with saying lke - "it's not your fault it's mine"

i'm pretty fuckin' cool now that i look around and see what's what - but i do need to bring more pics and stuff in here at the first of the year ... and a poster of ireland - if anyone wants to send me one - lemme know and i'll send you my addy .... actually any and all gifts are appreciated....

so live it, love it, kiss it, spank it.

posted by Allie @ 12/15/2004 08:44:00 AM


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Tasty said...

A basketful of lipgloss or a pocketful of rye, I can never remember which is better. Dur, it's obviously lipgloss.

Dog abuse, dog abuse! BWHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 11:15 AM, Blogger se7en said...

Dear Bitchcakes,

Where do I sign up for some of that "abuse" Hey I'm a dog too!
And now you got me droolin' for some Krispy Kreme doughnut cake!

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Allie#3ga said...

is that all you're drooling for .... that makes me sad on the inside =)

At 12:25 PM, Blogger devilboss said...

Yes it is true, Fat Bottom Girls do make the rockin' world go round. We play this at all family weddings. Why, because we all have the extra large ass. Love you as usual.

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Chaz B in NC said...

Abuse shamoose! He loved every minute of it. And like most boys we all would LOL! Love ya and cant wait to see ya. Tried to call your bitch ass last night a couple dozen times... two words, CALL WAITING! LOL!


At 3:07 PM, Blogger ropemonkey said...

Poor MIke! I'm calling the ASPCA.

I have a Mr. Right on my desk too! Up until Monday he said "Yes, I will come and get my stuff". Now he says "I could listen to you talk all night". I love Mr. Right.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger MamaChef said...

I love you Allie!!!! You rock!!!! Now I have to go update my blog again with the story about my dog! You will appreciate!

At 3:38 PM, Blogger M'Ary* said...

Ooo, Ooo, pet me NEXT!

At 9:59 AM, Blogger christ*el #3tx said...


its 10 am on thursday and i love you.

that is all.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger amy said...

Send me your snail mail address and I will send you my Yuletide Greetings....


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