Tuesday, February 14, 2006
valentines schmalentines

So while I may be here all alone, I did get a valentine’s call that was very sweet, and that’s cool.

I’m watching American idol, and that’s always a good way to feel better about one’s self. I’m always amazed at what passes for singing in this country, well, on this show at least – cause DAMN! And I’ve been to MORE than one church production ( hell, I’ve been IN more than one church production of many a show ) …. Anyway, I should re-phrase that, I was on the phone during the entire show, so I “watched” it, but heard nothing. Prolly still the best idea.


So I was yakkin with christel and talking about an interesting situation that’s going on and she said that ( and I kinda quote ) “ it was easy to go bitchcakes on you, cause you’re close and you’re safe.”



Not this week, not next week either.

5 deep.

Good moment, I just flipped to Oxygen, and caught the scene in High Fidelity where Jack Black is singing, “let’s get it on”

Good times.


Oh, and this was funny, when I got to goodwill today – the unload-y man said “hey, you’re back”

The goodwill man knows me.

I can’t make this shitte up.

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