Sunday, January 29, 2006
Right Now

...and not in a Van Halen kinda way....

when in doubt of what to blog ( no matter how many ideas are in 'the notebook') ... go with the list.

so in no order - and meaning nothing inpick'lar ...

1. i have the softest feet in the en-tire world, seriously, you should be here .... and ( nod to christel - the toenails are bronzeeeee)

2. i'm burning a candle in and it smells soooooo good - it's one of those white barn ones - onyx collection. it smells like a man's cologne. really really good. i could use a real man here right about now.

3. i want to get 2 more tattoos. one on the top of my foot and i'm not sure where the other one should go. prolly in the ankle-y area.

4. i found the world's oldest palm pilot today - and lo and behold, it still works.

5. my hair is extra red now, that i think will change by say - wednesday.

6. i have more clothes to iron than i have time to do for the rest of my enTiRE life.

7. it really does FUCK up your nails when you take the acrilycs off... man, i need cute hands again.

8. i am addicted to the show "roseanne" .... i can't watch it enough

9. i'm excited because MY MAIN GAYS are coming here this friday weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

10. there's a cute thingy on my fridge that stacey sent me last week.

11. i have made so many trips to goodwill in the last week or so, the guy there knows me by name.

12. i am SO the knitter. i now make wee little baby hats for the childrens hospital - and bigger ones for the older children.

13. I think hershey's kisses should NOT have some kind of hard candy covering - leave well enough alone

14. i have the world's sweetest dog sleeping on the end of my bed, i'm a lucky girl

15. i'm waiting for tex to get his ass back to the IM

16. i have the same teddy bear on my bed that i've had since i was 4. her name is samantha, named after "bewitched" of course.

17. i don't think i believe in the idea of ONE soulmate. i have several.

18. i don't think i believe in marriage.

19. i'm really ok with that decision.

that's all i've got right now - i'm sure more will be added later.

cause that's how i roll.

posted by Allie @ 1/29/2006 11:12:00 PM


At 1:19 AM, Blogger tinyhands said...

Round about #14 I was wondering when you were going to get around to mentioning me... True story.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

#7 yeah going back Friday, I can't stand it!

At 12:33 AM, Blogger Moonchild said...

hey you. i just wrote a post about my upcoming 3rd tattoo.... i want one on the back of my neck under my hair line and also on the top of my foot... i'm addicted to the TV show MIAMI INK on TLC.... and recently they did one on the top of the foot.... cool beans.


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