Wednesday, November 17, 2004

i'm not sure why, but i feel obligated to write in this thing everyday - even when i'm pretty sure i don't have anything that constructive to say. i'm not sure why this is - but it is.

i know some people will then get all topical and try to stir up contraversy and - you know i'm really not in the market for that today. cause so far, it's a pretty great day. i got TONS of sleep last night .... the dog was TOO cute this morning... traffic wasn't terrible .... i look good... i sang along LOUDLY in the car .... and have laughed to the point of tears twice today - and it's only 9am ... so WOW things could be worse.

so this was interesting - yesterday at work we were given thanksgiving presents - i've never heard of such a thing.. we were given office trinkets ....and a gift certificate to the grocery store for 25 bucks .... ROCK ON! there will be pecans bought this year! pies and sweet potatoes for everyone... some pople at the office thought that wasn't enough

what?? huh?? i'd like to place an order of what the fuck?

it's money people - take it and be happy

and b. so if i send you a letter that says - THIS IS YOUR ABSOLUTE LAST OPPORTUNITY TO CONTINUE TO RECEIVE HOUSING ASSISTANCE ... and your appt is for X time .... whyo whyo whyo would you show up 2 hours later and think i'm going to see you?!?!

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At 9:50 AM, Blogger Champagnelady59 said...

Yea, when I worked in the surgery dept here. WE used to get $50 gift certificates for a mall near here and everyone used to complain it wasn't enough. HEY it's a GIFT not something you should be used to.
Same way at the job I work at on Saturdays. We usually get a "bonus" around the holidays, last year the company didn't do as well so they were saying we weren't getting our bonus. Everyone was complaining about not getting the bonus....HEY it's a BONUS not a happy with what you've got.
I'm gonna come work with you. If you've already laughed like that and it's only 9am.....I'm definitely not having enough fun in life.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Tasty said...

Just a guess on the "b." part of your entry: No one has made said person pay a consequence, like, ever.

And YAY for the pecans! Mmmmmmmmmmyummy.

At 12:37 PM, Blogger *L'ola said...

mmmmmmm, pecans. i see some PMS/Kitchen sink cookies in your future.

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

What a bunch of ungrateful schmucks! Well, I oughta just back hand some one. I would gladly take the $25.00 in any form. Why? Because I am a po ho from Kokomo, that's why. Geesh! The nerve...I swear.... Tell em to send that joint my way if it ain't enough for them....fuckers.


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